Wenggium's History


Written by FirethornDragon

Wenggium was founded in 1300 F.M. (Before Magic). The sport was then played without magic, and they usually played out in nature like the forest or out in a meadow. The sport involves a team of four meetings another team consisting of four people. You wear a piece of fabric around your waist that is your flag. If you lose it to your opponents, you're out. You play on time and if the time runs out - you use an hourglass - one person from each team gets to decide the match in a duel. Whoever wins the duel wins the game.   In the beginning, because they didn't have magic, they were allowed to use weapons in the duel and the sport. You still get that as long as Melends don't use magic. It's either weapons or magic. Never both. The sport began to be played by Jahix Culture to train their younger ones for battle and was often played in Chaddo The school of the orcs. As the sport became more famous and popular, it spread across Aurin.   Now 759 E.M, the sport is played in the Arena in The City of Croydon at Felvale-EN school of magicians and Guardians and that's where they use magic. They play for the same reason that the Orc started playing the sport. To avoid one's abilities and to train skilled warriors and later also skilled magicians/guardians.   Wenggium was created by Torgan Wenggi with his best friend Ium Gosgo. They merged their names and created the word Wenggium. They quickly realized they needed more than two people to play and brought some other friends with them, forming two teams of four people. They divided the four players into one captain, a healer to take care of all the injuries in each team after the game, and a striker who will lead the attack first. And a defender who is responsible for protecting the other players while they play. And prevent the others on the team from taking their team members' flags. The striker is the fastest player and should be the most skilled at stealing flags from opponents. The captain leads the team and is responsible for ensuring that one's team wins and "survives."   They developed the sport from their training lessons where they wrestle with each other and are going to get their hands on a flag a sport. The teachers and principal of Chaddo liked their idea and drew it into their education. Since then, it has been a sport that all orcs learn to play within Chaddo and they also bet money on professional teams.   Just like some do down in Croydon in the Arena. Once a year they have a tournament in Croydon's Arena and every other one down in Chaddo. Then it is between international professional Wenggium teams that play for the title of World Champion. Sometimes schoolchildren's teams end up in the tournament. Everyone in Aurin is obsessed with the sport and travels from miles away just to watch the tournaments.  

Professionals Teams

Elves /Crehe

The Silver Birds - consist only of earth, water, and air magicians.
The Silver Birds by Charlotte.S
  The Captain - Malysea Evenshot - Earth magician. (Female)   Healers - Seldral Treelance - Earth magician (Male)   The Striker - Jiwen Bladeheart - Air magician (Female)   The Defender - Shegorm Greenflower - Water magician (Male)   The Silver Birds are a team from Ewrai - EN and Izea - EN. They met during their time at Uraelity - The school of the elves and have been playing together ever since. One of the most famous teams for elves in the sport and a personal favourite in Ewrai - especially in the capital Shevesari - EN.  
Tree Jumpers - Consists only of earth magicians, water magicians and air magicians.
Tree Jumpers by Charlotte.S
  Captain - Unul Blacksnow - Air magician (Male)   The Healers - Nethas Woodsinger - Earth Magician (Male)   The Striker - Shearcia Amberweaver - Water magician (Female)   The Defender - Jalya Blacksnow - Air magician (Female)     Tree Jumpers are a team from Cyessa - En and Danwor - EN. Jayla and Unul are twins and together are an unbeatable team. Their two best friends Nethas Woodsinger and Sheracia Amberewaver, are one of the best players in the league. They have been doing this since their school years and were one of the teams that got the chance to play in the league during their school years. They are favourites from their home region but some still prefer the Silver Birds.
Tornado Fishes - Consists only of earth magicians, water magicians and air magicians.
Tornado Fishes by Charlotte.S
  The Captain - Ryaran Lunastriker - Water magician (Female)   Healers - Aradan Greenfeather - Water magician (Male)   The striker - Filallas Seacrest - Earth magician (Male)   The Defender - Llavaria Stonearrow - Air Magicians (Female)   Tornado Fishes are from Danwor - EN and Ayeon - EN. They are named after their defender Llvaria who can cause tornadoes with their air magic and the fish is on Danwor’s crest. Thereby the name Tornado Fishes. They are a team that started playing professionally a couple of years ago and rose quite high up the league quickly.
The Fire Swans - Is the only elf team in the sport that has a fire magician and only women.
The Fire Swans by Charlotte.S
  The Captain - Illiri Firestorm - Fire magician (Female)   The Healers - Denra Starwater - Earth Magician (Female)   The Striker - Llasha Bladeswift - Water magician (Female)   The Defender - Fylora Dewthorn - Air magician (Female)   The Fire Swans are the most controversial team consisting of elves. They come from Ilrny - EN and Rahegos - EN. Fire elves within the elf's culture are looked down on they call it Fire Sickness Eld Sjukan. They even find it difficult to get an education in the Elves' school Uraelity and are usually forced to move from their home countries to live a normal life. They are allowed to live outside the cities and are frozen out from the rest of the elves. It is said that the family that gives birth to a fire magician is cursed - if they are elves. Something that Illiri Firestorm disagrees with. So she started a team of elves she met at The Magic Council's school Felvale. And when she gets back home, she tries to educate young elves who are fire magicians in Rahegos and show them that there is a future for a fire Crehe. And that even though you're a fire elf, you're still a real Crehe.


Blue Wolves Clan
Blue Wolves Clan by Charlotte.S
  Captain - Tharust Vicefang - Air magician (Male)   Healers - Algu Stormlock - Water magicians (Female)   The striker - Medashim Dreamblood - Fire magician (Female)   The Defender - Brikk Barrenstriker - Earth Magician (Male)   The Blue Wolves Clan is a Wenggium team from the Blue Wolves Clan. Thereby the name. Each professional Wenggium team names themselves after their clan's name and adds colour, to show which of the clans they are from. Blue is the colour they have on their flag and their war painting. So, they're the Winter Wolves Klan. He was renamed the Blue Wolves Klan. They have all studied at Chaddo in Yongar - EN and come from Usuin - EN
The Amber Foxes Clan
The Amber Foxes Clan by Charlotte.S
  The Captain - Ihrzuc - Water magician (Female)   Healers - Zahar Graveeye - Earth magician (Female)   The striker - Drotzeld - Fire magician (Male)   The Defender - Garur - Air Magician (Male)   The Amber Foxes Clan is mixed. They have a player from another clan there by the name of Amber in their name Amber Foxes. Zahar Graveeyes is from another clan called the Fox clan but from the warmer regions and the others are from the slightly cooler regions. But their clans are a sisterhood. So, the clans approved of them playing Wenggium together. Like all orcs, the four players met in Chaddo The school of the orcs. All of them grew up in Yongar.
The Silver Striped Vipers Clan
The Silver Striped Vipers Clan by Charlotte.S
  Captain - Batzod - Air magician (Male)   Healers - Rag'gumul - Earth magician (Male)   The striker - Rovoch - Water magicians (Male)   The Defender - Hamvodal - Fire magician (Male)   The Silver Striped Vipers Clan is one of the orc teams made up only of men. But these four are all brothers from the same clan. They grew up in Yongar and studied at Chaddo. Their sisters also have a team. They are the Silver Striped Shadow Vipers Clan. They're half-siblings. The fire magicians and earth magicians are full siblings and the Water Magicians, and the Air Magicians are full siblings. But they see each other as whole siblings and the word half doesn't exist in their family.
The Silver Striped Shadow Vipers Clan
The Silver Striped Shadow Vipers Clan by Charlotte.S
  Captain - Asgo - Fire Magician (Female)   Healers - Inthegus - Water Magician (Female)   The Striker - Sokada - Air Magician (Female)   The Defender - Mamgu'ty - Earth Magician (Female)   The Silver Striped Shadow Vipers Clan are the sisters who are siblings of the Silver Striped Viper Clan. They're half-siblings. The fire magicians and earth magicians are full siblings and the Water Magicians, and the Air Magicians are full siblings. But they see each other as whole siblings and the word half doesn't exist in their family. The sisters are from the same clan as their brothers but have chosen to add the word Shadow to symbolize that their mother is from a different Silver Striped Viper clan than their father. The girls followed in their brothers' footsteps but they are more popular than their brothers in the sport and they even compete in non-magical Wenggium matches. Something their brothers chose not to do.
The Black Striped Arrowbirds Clan
The Black Striped Arrowbirds Clan by Charlotte.S
  The Captain - Threhlgamech Skullchampion - Air Magicians (Male)   Healers - Molomaz Bloodguard - Earth Magician (Male)   The Striker - Sagdo Ironwish - Water Magician (Male)   The Defender - Asu Strongslayer - Fire Magician (Male)   The Black Striped Arrowbirds Clan is one of the best Wenggium teams from Yongar. They are probably the most popular team in the sport ever and one of the world's most famous teams. The team was formed at the end of their school year at Chaddo and they watched one of the annual tournaments down in Croydon. That's what led the four men to form a team. And none of them has regretted it since then.

Magicians /Melends

Ravens by Charlotte.S
  Captain - Trinette Fawcett - Air Magician (Female)   Healers - Rayna Crowder - Water Magician (Female)   The Striker - Melodie Holton - Fire Magician (Female)   The Defender - Destanee Denholm - Earth Magician (Female)   The Ravens are four melends from the Council who have chosen to play Wenggium professionally instead of becoming Guardians full-time. They are a team because they realized it is easiest for Guardians within the Council to play as a team. And that doesn't conflict with their mission in the future. They are one of the few Guardian teams to have chosen to play Wenggium full-time.
Red-maned Lions
Red-maned Lions by Charlotte.S
  Captain - Audric Nightwish - Earth Magician (Male)   Healers - Bonham Flameband - Water Magician (Male)   The Striker - Searlas Leanvein - Air Magician (Male)   Defender - Gerion Mageray - Fire Magician (Male)   The Red-maned Lions are a team from the Council who have chosen to play Wenggium professionally. They are one of the more popular teams within Aurin in The Sport. Some of them are dating some from the other professional teams in Wenggium. They are also one of the most famous teams in the Croydon team.
The Winter Ghost
The Winter Ghost by Charlotte.S
  The Captain - Elsa Morrow - Fire Magician (Female)   Healers - Ethan Arrowsea - Water Magician (Male)   The Striker - Cristal Reedwood - Air Magician (Female)   The Defender - Riley Forestbank - Earth Magician (Male)   The Winter Ghost took its name from the legend of the Chameleon Snake. They liked the name and took it as their team’s name. They've been playing together since joining Felvale in Croydon. All of them are top students in their year and diplomats and historians. But they chose the sport because it was their greatest passion. They are the most popular team in Croydon and one of the most popular around Aurin. They are one of the most unbeatable teams there are. They also compete in non-magical tournaments. They are the ones they think are the biggest challenge and therefore the most fun. They are also the oldest professional team in the leagues right now, they have been playing professionally for 22 years.

Facts about Wenggium

  • The sport was founded in 1300 F.M. (Before Magic) in Chaddo, Yongar.
  • The Sport was created by Tongar Wenggi and Ium Gosgo.
  • The first matches were played in Forest.
  • No one under 12 has ever been allowed to play the sport professionally except for Alenandra Hayes.
  • No one has died in the sport - but one can get seriously wounded.
  • The longest match that ended in the duel lasted three weeks. Duels were inserted into the sport. And time.
  • One plays with protection - usually gambeson.
  • Bows are not allowed - even if you choose only one weapon.
  • The arena was founded in 99 E.M. (After Magic) in Croydon.
  • Chaddo has had his Arena since 97 E.M. (After Magic). It is often used for tournaments every two years.
  • Yongar is the only country that still plays without magic. Except Usuin and Chadal.
  • Dwarves do not play the sport. They put a lot of money into it.
  • Few non- Magicians teams are in the sport, but none play in the professional leagues. But they usually play in different tournaments in Chaddo.
  • The first tournament in Wenggium was held in Chaddo in 237 E.M. (After Magic).
  • Wenggium has been Yongars national sport since 09E.M. (After Magic).
  • There are 933 rules in the sport but only just over 100 are mentioned during a match
  • Melends started playing the sport 73 E.M.
  • Creheths started playing the sport 23 E.M.
  • You can bet with a pirate or smuggler with a match in Wenggium to get information. (In particular, Dwarves)

The creators of Wenggium

Torgan Wenggi

Torgan Wenggi by Charlotte.S

Ium Gosgo

Ium Gosgo by Charlotte.S

Cover image: by Charlotte.S


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