Mer Kuldir - The school of the dwarves

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Mer Kuldir - The school of the dwarves was founded 357 F.M Before Magic. The school is based in Oblon - EN . The school is also close to the city Ham Faldur. Mer Kuldir - The school of the dwarves are part of the Dvärgarnas kultur - Ekes - (De sandfärgade/svarta delarna av kartan) kultur. They call themselves Ekes in their own language that is called Ogmano .   From the beginning the school was only meant for Ekes and it mostly still is. The only difference is that now they also teach magic at Mer Kuldir. Even do it toke them a lot of convincing to even consider it from the beginning. They open the school for magic studies around 395 E.M After Magic. And that is only because they realize that they could use magic in their craftmanship. The school is for people, mostly ekes that want to learn more about craftmanship. They have forges almost everywhere at the school. Workshops and the students get their own workplace where they can experiment and work. Mer Kuldir - The school of the dwarves are built near volcano, and they use that hot magma to their advantage when they work and to keep them warm during in the cold environment. It almost always snows at Mer Kuldir because it is placed high up by the mountains where the weather is almost always cold. The snow almost never melts entirety.   The students work mostly with the metal Ongru. It is one of the most common metals for dwarfs and they can reuse it as much as they want. They split it with the capital of Oblon and the city Ham Faldur. They also work sometimes with the Lonninth Stone if they want to use purple color. They also work sometimes with crystals, but they will never tell you why or what they use it for if you are someone from the outside. They only trust that information with people of their own kind or their students.   The ekes does not want to give away any of their secrets for how they make the stuff they do. Not to anyone that is outside of their culture or outside of their school. If you are not a ekes you must take a test. The test is to see if you are worthy of being accepted to their school. Because ekes does not teach just about anyone. Only people they see have potential or they think they can learn from if you are not a part of their own people.   You must at least be fifteen to start studying at Mer Kuldir - The school of the dwarves. But after that you can study at their school at any age. If you are over fifteen. It takes about five years to learn everything they think you need, to have an exam from their school. Mer Kuldir - The school of the dwarves is also used by dwarfs that have graduated as a workplace. If they don´t move to the cities close to the school.   Mer Kuldir - The school of the dwarves is a boarding school. You must live there to be able to learn everything that they have to teach you. The dwarfs don´t take easy on people that are not willing to learn or work. The students have their own room. The school is built out of the mountain range around the volcano. So, most of the halls in the school is tunnels that the ekes have created. It is the same with the rooms and the great hall and the workplaces. They have doors here and there but most of it is the mountain itself.   In the school they also have a train track, so you can get around faster and elevators that they have created to be able to get to places higher up or down without having to take the stairs. The elevators work by releasing a weight and raising the elevator. They stop the elevators by pulling a lever. When they go down, they release the lever that acts as a brake and let the elevator fall. When they want to stop, they pull the lever again. They really let people from the The Magic Council in. They don´t trust Guardians easily.   Ekes are the only people that don´t play wenggium (Wenggiums History). But they like to gamble on the matches. So, if you are a wenggium player or want to make a beat with them, maybe they will let you in. They also are the only magic school that don´t allow magic. If you want to get to their school travel like everyone else. The road up to Mer Kuldir - The school of the dwarves is not always easy. Some people take the road by the The Quidric Inn to get to the school. Or at least to ask for directions to it.   Mer Kuldir - The school of the dwarves is also the only school that don´t have a uniform. You have the clothes you need to have to protect yourself while you work as your clothes. If you want to have fun or send letters you have to visit either the capital Nun Thoram - EN or the city Ham Faldur. The schools crest hangs here and there where they feel it makes sence to have it. So, the workshops are a big no. The crest mostly hangs outside or built-in metal and engraved in the walls or on the walls around the school. But not as flags, they are hanging outside.   In Mer Kuldir - The school of the dwarves they use both Melgra and light as a source of light in the dark tunnels or in their rooms and workshops. The Melgra grows around the tunnels anyway. When you graduate from Mer Kuldir - The school of the dwarves the ekes will give you your own pin with the school’s crest on it in a goldish color so everyone can see that you succeeded to graduate. Most people don´t and that is because the ekes think they to learn more before they can graduate. After all they have a reputation to uphold. Everyone knows that the absolute best blacksmith and craftmanship comes from people that have graduated or work at Mer Kuldir - The school of the dwarves.

You either work for it or don´t there is no middle ground

Founding Date
357 F.M Before Magic
Educational, School/Academy
Alternative Names
Mer Kuldir
Parent Organization

Character flag image: Mer Kuldir´s Crest by Charlotte.S


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