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Menace of the Slave Lords, Part 3

General Summary

12731:04:08 T

With Friends Like These . . .


The sand-choked trail to catch Aurra Sing led to an obsidian crystal in Aerena's hands. The crystal spoke as if curious then went silent. So did the ruins of Port Tanin.


While physically healed, Aurra Sing remained in a sleeping stupor. One interrupted by the occasional mutterings that accompanied vivid dreaming or rabid nightmares. It was a state Vanya and So'Zen recognized all too well.


It was a hibernation trance. Just not one either could say with all certainty was generated by the Force. Yet it wasn’t hurting her, instead it was healing her. But what was the trigger to wake her? They would need a litter to carry her and her surviving accomplice out in the desert.


The sunset was a memory by the time they returned to Port Etmar. The icy stars shone down from above, tinted by the green of the hyperspace tear in the night sky. Desert sand glistened with a gray-pale green hue to the horizon. Meanwhile a cold desert wind raced them to the outskirts of the settlement.


As the group approach, the lone figure of Jedi Master Obi-Wan Kenobi walks outside the settlement. Once they are close enough, they see he has a faint smile on his face.


Notes from Mystic Mob Investigations:

Menace of the Slave Lords 3: Mystic Mob Investigations
Report | Oct 26, 2022

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28 Apr 2018
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