Menace of the Slave Lords, Part 7

General Summary

12731:04:10 T

Rebellions and Hope


Trouble brews across the system of Chalcedon. Deep beneath the sands of Chalcedon the shadow port of Undercity is on high alert. A slave uprising has exploded at one side of the city. The fire of revolution burns hot and is spreading through Undercity. Guards and slavers were caught off guard but are already gathering for a heavy response.


Beneath the cover of the civil unrest, Danar has tracked down the missing Bendu priestess. Belshanna has been put in the Undercity’s fighting arena along with two Ragnar Syndicate bounty hunters for sport. Wounded, the bounty hunters fall back to the decorative flora in the arena’s fighting pit to protect Belshanna. On the other side, a pack of the rare levanari rush out of the underbrush on their side of the arena.


Above, in the stands, Danar reports on the fight back to Vanya and Vondromas. He also spots the elusive assassin they fought earlier. Then the assassin (Vishan Pel in fact) wraps himself in his cloak and fades from sight.


Half a system away, an unidentified Mon Calamari Star Cruiser continues to assault the mining colony on Monorik 6. Turbo lasers pound at the surface. So far the colony’s shields have held.


So'Zen, Davish and Aerena stopped the first attempt at a ground assault. But this was at the cost of Aerena’s companion, Spook, and almost her x-wing. Nearby, So’zen’s z-95 survives an initial barrage but is heavily damaged. Unable to help, Davish is caught in a desperate fight against three advanced tie fighters.


And then the star cruiser locked its tractor beam onto Aerena’s x-wing. . . .


Notes from Mystic Mob Investigations:

Menace of the Slave Lords 7: Mystic Mob Investigations
Report | Nov 24, 2019

Character(s) interacted with

  • assorted locals to Undercity
  • assorted locals to Port Greymouth
  • assorted former miners and transport crewmembers, no longer enslaved
  • assorted Nightsister raiders
  • hive queen for the mysterious mexalite crystal-making insects on Monorik VI
  • cloak-wearing assassin Vishan Pel who might be Falleen, half-Falleen and half-human, really into theatrical prosthetics, or something else entirely, but the important thing here is that they are determined to wreck Vanya and Vance and Vondromas and anybody else available
  • Mine administrator Dack Dontin at Port Greymouth on Monorik VI
  • legendary bounty hunter and all around angry person Boba Fett
  • professional slicer Sapik
  • gladiator-assassin-sniper Thira
  • Deceased but persistently bodysnatching former Sith Lord Darth Errol Vondromas
  • Zaye, who now claims the family name "Kerplocken" but also turns out to be the daughter of Grakkus the extremely angry Hutt
  • Aerena Kolene
  • N8-4C0
  • Jedi Knight So'Zen Al Saba of the Jedi Order
  • Spukamas
  • Knight Errant Sir Davish Tam of the Crimson Knights
  • Lord Danar Vorpadaran a.k.a. Vance Kerplocken
  • Jedi Knight VN Ysadora of the Jedi Order

Report Date
21 Jul 2018
Primary Location
Secondary Location

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