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Menace of the Slave Lords 3: Mystic Mob Investigations

a joint effort by Mystic Mob Investigations:
Knight Errant Sir Davish Tam
Jedi Knight VN Ysadora
made a little more difficult by splitting up across the Chalcedon system

General Summary

I've kind of gotten used to not keeping great notes.
We're not going to get to expense things to a client,
and our report is going to be largely "show" rather than "tell".
Nothing to worry about!
Except that still-busted holorecording glitch in the journal.
Well, yes, that.
And Dave being here, not at the Bendu Temple.
Does make me wonder a bit about Babulya Belshanna.
And I have a bad feeling about your end, too.
It's a quiet mining colony. I'm sure there's a straightforward approach!
. . .
Okay, yeah, bad feeling.
Me too.
Need intel on "Clan Bareesh".
Will do. Fifteen minutes at most.

According to Derma:

Clan Bareesh fell on hard times despite being members of the Hutt Council a.k.a. the Cartel a.k.a. the Khajiik (sp?)
In order to not get "culled" for being weak, they lost most of their Great Hutt Clan status. They are trying t return t their former standing, so they are doing it by being renowned weapons dealers and mercenaries. The only clan that does greater is the Hardshells, who would not be caught on Chalcedon for anything.
Bareesh have been hiring out personnel in exchange for the occasional favor. Unlike some clans, Bareesh is more open with their favors, and more malleable, as a way to allow themselves advantages and business opportunities.
They are fair dealers for a Hutt clan but once someone stops playing fair, so do they.
They take their weapons dealing very seriously; they took attacks by other Hutt clans personally.
There have been rumors of infighting between the clans because of the attacks, but there is no open evidence. Apparently this is a feature of Hutt culture.
If Clan Bareesh has any stock in this missing ship, especially an individual named Bareesh Torill (sp?), then they will be a natural ally to the efforts of Aerena and So'Zen to find out what happened to it.
Derma finds it interesting that Bareesh would be into the mining, since a lot of the local ore is used for weapons manufacture. {OH BOY}
So you could be looking at another Hutt clan that might be looking to undercut Bareesh. Derma is going to look into who particularly might be trying that stunt. He will update me or Aerena.
Thanks, hon, that gives me a starting point.

Report Date
28 Apr 2018
Primary Location
Secondary Location


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