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Menace of the Slave Lords, Part 8

General Summary

12731:04:10 T

Strange Alliances


The dark sky above Monorik 6 was alive with dying wreckage. Shattered starship components burn up in the atmosphere. Larger portions fall to ground in the deep black desert sands.


Davish, So'Zen and Aerena return to the docking bay in Port Greymouth. The mines seem – at last – headed for peace, quiet and a well-fought for 'return to normal'. But questions about the hive of mysterious insects sends Davish and So'zen – followed by Aerena – out to the crater in the desert.


There they find the hive crafting an unusual scaffold made of the local minerals, such as the unstable mexalite that runs thick in Monorick 6. Davish and So'zen head to the crater's edge for a closer look, only to be captured and taken down to the hive! Aerena acts fast, following on her speeder bike into the crater.


Discovering the 'hive' has a collective intelligence all its own, a negotiation breaks out between Aerena and the hive queen over the miners, So'zen and Davish. She brokers a deeper bargain that So'zen helps finalize once he was freed from captivity. The hives would work with the miners. A symbiosis of a sort. Already, the hive worker drones have started to pair up with miners to assist with extracting new ore and shore up tunnels with the hive's more durable honeycombed support structures.


That only leaves the matter of the now silent mining colonies and the mysterious coordinates that the Nightsister raider fled toward.


Meanwhile on Chalcedon, the slave rebellion burns its way through the city. Word of a "Freedworlds Republic" at Port Etmar lead by Nalerine Kanter spreads faster than the fires. Hijacked ships ferry escaped slaves toward this desperate hope for freedom.


Among flame-baked ruins near the docking bays, acrid smoke drifts through the underground air. Vanya, Danar and Boba Fett stand among the ruins. Nearby the former gladiator turned assassin, Thira, moans in pain. She's seriously wounded but alive.


Her partner? The assassin Vishan Pel had once again slipped through their grasp. Around the corner from the urban battlefield, they hear the sounds and voices of freed slaves, now freedom fighters, managing the escape ships under the watchful eye – and occasional assistance – of Darth Vondromas.


Meanwhile, a section of the underground city goes ominously silent. . . .

Granny Goodness says you've got to be punished
Medusa in the lead X-Wing starfighter of the assault,
just before all of the Medusas open fire

Notes from Mystic Mob Investigations:

Menace of the Slave Lords 8: Mystic Mob Investigations
Report | Nov 24, 2019

Character(s) interacted with

  • assorted locals to Undercity
  • assorted locals to Port Greymouth
  • assorted former miners and transport crewmembers, no longer enslaved
  • assorted Nightsister raiders
  • Crimson Knight Sir Saphor Kronn, Knight Errant, ace pilot, recent slave of the Bloodsmith Raiders
  • hive queen for the mysterious mexalite crystal-making insects on Monorik VI
  • cloak-wearing assassin Vishan Pel who might be Falleen, half-Falleen and half-human, really into theatrical prosthetics, or something else entirely, but the important thing here is that they are determined to wreck Vanya and Vance and Vondromas and anybody else available
  • Mine administrator Dack Dontin at Port Greymouth on Monorik VI
  • legendary bounty hunter and all around angry person Boba Fett
  • Felnir Jax, one of the younger hunters in the Ragnar Syndicate
  • professional slicer Sapik
  • gladiator-assassin-sniper Thira
  • Deceased but persistently bodysnatching former Sith Lord Darth Errol Vondromas
  • Aerena Kolene
  • N8-4C0
  • Jedi Knight So'Zen Al Saba of the Jedi Order
  • Spukamas
  • Knight Errant Sir Davish Tam of the Crimson Knights
  • Lord Danar Vorpadaran a.k.a. Vance Kerplocken
  • Jedi Knight VN Ysadora of the Jedi Order
Report Date
04 Aug 2018
Primary Location
Secondary Location

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