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Menace of the Slave Lords, Part 4

General Summary

12731:04:10 T

The Sprung Trap


The morning had been memorable. Scents of braised nerf, eggs and other breakfast foods heralded an introduction to Zaye, a Nogri mother of two and Danar – as Vance Kerplocken's – new 'bond' or 'honor' wife.


Conversations and many explanations followed, which came to a halt when events for the day started to unfold. Jerrod Quantas requested help tracking down a missing ore hauler that was long overdue to Chalcedon from the mining colony on Monorik VI. And outside the heroes tramp freighter, an old friend came to visit.


The krayt cyber-dragon from the battle at the Bendu temple.


But the group realized the creature had a reason for being there. It was supposed to stay at the Bendu temple until the Star Empire arrived to transport it to its new home. The Bendu were to protect it, which meant something might have happened to the Bendu.


The group decides to split up and tackle both problems at once. So'Zen and Aerena collect their droids, find Davish then head for the mining colony on Monorik 6. Danar, as Vance, along with Vanya and Zaye rent a landspeeder and head for the Bendu temple.


Smoke rises to the sky before the Bendu temple comes into view and the triangular shape of a Star Destroyer hovers high above the complex.


The temple had been under attack by a group of Bloodsmiths. A different crew than who attacked Port Etmar. Despite the damage they inflicted, the Star Empire had little trouble in capturing the hunters. But not before the old Bendu priestess was taken.


A common thread, a thought, it put to voice by Danar who asked, "Why here? Slavers attack easy prey. Easy targets. This has to be a ruse for something else."


It was after that when a shape changing machine, one of the ancient Aw'akeen, revealed himself to deliver a cryptic message about Eborians. Then raced off across the desert.


Meanwhile, Aerena, So'zen and Davish arrive at Port Greymouth. A wind-swept durasteel mining colony on the black desert moon of Monorik 6.


Intra-Party Chatter: on Chalcedon


Vance Kerplocken:

Watch out for pressure sensors left by unknown parties. Found one inside back entrance to Collector's place.




vy_pi to vkerplocken:
re: picture:
1) need to know how long ago
2) need to know general size and strength of perpetrator(s)
3) the floor is lava



vy_pi to vkerplocken:
re: picture of severely busted Sith Trap Puzzle Box:
Good job.



Texting you so the Darth doesn't future see this. He's wearing a Bloodsmith body. It may have implants that transmit he doesn't know about.

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Report Date
12 May 2018
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