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Menace of the Slave Lords, Part 5

General Summary

12731:04:10 T

Shadow Ports


A request from Jerrod Quantas took Aerena, So'Zen and Davish to the mining colony of Port Greymouth on the black desert moon of Monorik 6. What the bounty hunter had said was that an ore freighter was missing. But the trio found more than that.


According to the administrator, Dack Dontin, they had been requesting help for some time. Not only have shipments gone missing, so have several of his miners working the deep mines.


After gathering supplies, they descended into the depths of the mines. Beyond a sealed mine shaft, a strange swarm of energy absorbing beetles, they locate a concealed door. That covered the true find: a hidden base with one of the Nightsister clan's Mantis class raider ships.


Now, hidden at the mouth of a tunnel leading down to the base, Aerena, So'zen and Davish watch while armed and armoed figures load cargo aboard the raider light transport. Crates of supplies, parts, minerals, and cages with slaves.


Meanwhile, half a system away, Danar, Vanya, and Zaye had traveled to Port Nevermore to look into a problem with the Collector's warehouse. The Collector himself is away, gone to Mechis II, leaving Ragnar Syndicate to guard the warehouse.


They failed, a fact that became clear to the group when they arrived. Door locks sliced open, explosive traps had been left to catch the unwary. Worse, the Collector's items were missing save for the Sith trap. Around the entire warehouse lay the dead bodies of Bloodsmith pirates, all killed much like the Crimson Knights had been.


The spherical Sith prison of Darth Vondromas was cracked and empty. Only a taunting – even hard to believe – message was left behind for Vanya, Danar and Zaye. The Sith lord advised the group to chase him and he might tell them what was going on.


Taking another path, the group looked for tracks on their own. Leading them to a disturbed part of the sand behind the warehouse along with a hidden signal device. But before they could find more, they have a strange feeling move across them.


Port Nevermore was silent. Even the wind stilled as they realize they had not heard any nearby sounds. Not even the wind between the buildings.


And then the ground opened its maw to eat them.


Intra-Party Chatter:


From: vy_pi
To: Ragnar Syndicate
Those Sarlacc-wannabe things ... what most serves as a dinner bell to attract them quickly? Asking for a friend


Vance Kerplocken: If it bleeds we can kill it.
Vanya: If we kill it, do we lose an opportunity to improve our situation later?

  (upon the spark of change in the flow of the Force:)

From: vy_pi
To: szas
CC: A_Kolene
CC: DTam


Welcome to the Light Side. We have lemonade.


Chiss opponent might be a Menny Jesserit


Update 2:
Currently at shadow port near Port Tanin
Send cookies?

So'Zen Al Saba stares into the Dark Side of the Force
Dark Side of the Force: I hear you're good at "Oral"....
— the Dark Side of the Force (represented by a Nightsister) tempts the Jedi Consular via his own self-respect

Character(s) interacted with


This is the one where Vanya sensed that Davish was in danger of dying, so did her "channel Force" thing long distance to send him a big burst of the Light Side. Which he promptly used to recover and then turned around and hit his enemies with the hammer of the Dark Side. Which should certainly confuse any onlookers!
Report Date
09 Jun 2018
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