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Menace of the Slave Lords, Part 2

General Summary

12731:04:05 T

Crossroads Under an Angry Sky


Two weeks had passed with So'Zen missing and life in Port Etmar returning to normal. At least it was what the Battle of Port Etmar survivors all agreed could be ‘normal' on the heat-blasted world of Chalcedon.


Then hyperspace tore open and local space bled.


From Reavers and pirates to an artificial sandstorm and a mysterious group called the Thousand Stars, the galaxy raged around the world of Chalcedon. Ships fell from the sky and the air burned with hot sand. At last, with clever plans and desperate gambles, heroes turned the tide.


Then the Thousand Stars jumped for Yavin IV and the galaxy slumped in relief. Relief ships limped to Port Etmar bringing supplies and hoping for repairs. On their heels are the heavily damaged Spartan Imperium ships. Nalerine Kanter, the outlaw tech from Port Nevermore famous for her vehicles, heads up the fledgling Port Etmar repair depot creation. But she's short on materials and assistance for the flood of wounded ships.


In the rest of Port Etmar, the captured Bloodsmith mercenaries are being rounded up. No one knows what to do with them or where to keep them. Most of the surviving buildings aren’t designed to as cells, unless the sub-basement of the now defunct Velvet Glove pit fighting cantina is still intact. . . .

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14 Apr 2018
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