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Imperial calendar

A convenience of time

A unified chart of days and moons phases. Developped in the first decades after the Demons' Sending. It was spread by the Demon Empire during their Conquest and the trading with other countries. Some view Orbidian similarities with the Old World, such as the numbers of days or the seasonal cycles, as a gift from the Senders, a reminder of the previous home of their ancestors.

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The Sending

... 0 BS

The strange times where the reincarnated First Sent treaded upon Orbido in new grown body. It would take time to adjust, and they would need to pass on as much of their knowledge to their descendants as possible.

  • -64 BS

    Rise of the Demons
    Era beginning/end

    After the initial shock of the Sending, the people of the Old World that appeared in the Verdant Steppes as little Imps begin to thrive.

    Verdant Steppes
  • 0 BS

    18 /1 1235:00

    The First Demon Lord
    Life, Supernatural

    Decades after the first Archdemons evolved from their Hellion forms, another step in the Demon's metamorphic nature became known.

    A great hero and warrior of the Alliance turned sick after days repelling a large horde of monsters and bathing in their mana-saturated blood. A cocoon formed over him, and the first Demon Lord was born three nights later. Stronger, larger, and endowed with superior control over magical forces. No other being, even among the monsters, seemed to be a match for this new creation of Orbido's fantasy.

    The day of his birth became a symbol of Demon supremacy, of destiny fulfilled.

Demon Empire

281 AS and beyond

When enough Demon Lords appeared, they encouraged more aggressive actions to leave the harsh Verdant Steppes behind and conquer the more prosperous lands to the West. The Eastern Realms for example, were populated by the weaker Humans and had better soils for agriculture. A Lord-Emperor took command and reshaped the Demons's Republic into a militarized Empire seeking to gather its forces until the time comes.

  • 366 AS

    14 /2 600:00
    480 AS

    75 /4 1400:00

    The Eternal Conquest
    Military action
  • 374 AS

    6 /2
    374 AS

    14 /2

    Vassalization of Rossan-Valid
    Diplomatic action

    The first unexpected expansion of the Empire beyond the needs it was thought to require war for. Rossan-Valid's surrender marks the beginning of a chain of falling realms with limited bloodshed.

    Eastern Realms
  • 460 AS

    Evisceration of Sang-Fond

    A controversial and hellish purge of the lower quarters of Sang-Fond during the occupation by Imperial forces on the onset of the Eternal Conquest. After a well-coordinated evacuation of the districts with emphasis on checking for infiltrated troops trying to escape the purge, Demon Lord Ar Amon personally helped reduce the neighbourhood to a smouldering crater.   The Evisceration's events were recorded, a mixture of truth and ficton exacerbated the horrors of the events, accusing the Demons of massacring innocents left and right, including children which reinforced the terrible rumors about the Demon Lord himself. The events served as propaganda and a rallying for a global Human uprising and the eventual Apogee a few years later.

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  • 468 AS

    46 /2 9:00
    468 AS

    46 /2 12:00

    Ar Amon's Execution
    Political event

    FIve Heroes of the Eastern Realm publicly executed the Demon Lord Ar Amon. and put an official end to Imperial rule in the region.

    Additional timelines
  • 543 AS

    8 /4 1940:00

    Beginning of Project Red Forge

    The Demon Empire, facing stagnation in the face of the rising powers of the other realms, needs the tools to push back and reaffirm its place as the major civilisation of the world. Its greatest assets are the rare Demon Lords. Then, what would happen if there were an army of them?

  • 557 AS

    2 /2 14:00
    557 AS

    71 /2 21:00

    Birth of the Great Batch
    Life, Birth

    This day saw the entry into the world of twenty highly profiled Demons, born for greatness, and to be bred for conquest. It is a secretive yet vastly influencial event that called the attention of every major powers in the Demon Empire, all of them striving for even one individual to join their cause.

    Blue Citadel
    More reading
    The Great Batch
  • 567 AS

    41 /2 07:00
    567 AS

    43 /2 21:00

    Massacre of Mor Toith
    Disaster / Destruction

    It wasn't supposed to go this way. This was a warrior's battle, not this... This disgusting... I don't know... I just don't know...
      Originally referred to as the coming "Battle for Mor Toith", this conflict was the resultante of years of harassment by the Forternian King, Joan IV, for the Demon Empire to release all human slaves as well as the formerly human territories it had captured since the Conquest.

  • 567 AS

    43 /2 1030:00
    567 AS

    43 /2 1057:00

    The Hell Dome
    Disaster / Destruction

    "What was that... What. Was. That?" Ar Vari, Havok of the Demon Legion
      During the battle that would be known as the Massacre of Mor Toith, a certain Human General, Estofar Del Ascua, produced a magical explosion of a scale never seen before.


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