Orbido The Eternal Conquest
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The Eternal Conquest

Military action

14/2 600:00
75/4 1400:00

For Fifty-nine years, Demons and their superior military forces brought the other realms under their guidance, through acts of force or through pacts of allegiance. The Demon Empire expanded wihtout a rest, all the way to the Eastern frontier of Arbeka, and gnawing on the Menia Kingdom's feet.   But the movement slowed down when multiple afactors affeted this growth. The sudden death of the Conquest's instigator, the guerilla warfare Arbekan forces instigated, the rebellion of Human realms who had sworn fealty, the appearnance of wild Monsters throughout Orbido, stronger than ever observed before, and the civil war waged by the Van clan and their allies against the Imperialist clans. Some believe the rise of Midlander and their advanced weapons also played a role in the fracturing of the Empire in two.   By 425, the Empire had regressed back to the Eastern Realms. After fourteen years of Human rebellion, the Empire was pushed back to its Pre-Conquest territories, after a new Demon Emperor chose to minimize casualties on all sides by retreating. The Conquest officially ended in late winter 440.   The effects of the event brought every civilisations closer together thanks to the imperial actions uch as building roads, implementing a common tongue, allowing free trade of ideologies and introducing new markets.   The Dwarven Kingdom of Blunter used their Demon allies' actions to spread further and faster within the realms as before. But in so doing a new nation that rivaled them arised in the Gurdy Rnage to the Southwest of the continent.   The Van Demon Republic maintained itself in the west, stuck between midland, Arbeka and the Menia Kingdom, without opportunity to attack either realm.   The Conquest is remembered as a glorious Golden Era by the Demons and their friendly neighbours, less so for the HUman Realms and the Midlanders, who painted it as the assault of a blood-thirsty nation that enslaved races to do their bidding.

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