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Ar Amon

Lord-General Amon Ar (a.k.a. "Child-Slayer")

"Our fight wasn't proper, Human. Try and kill me proper at least."
Ar Amon's last words.
  A Demon Lord known for his brutality and the great feasts he made after each victories. Once evolved, he followed his clan's wishes and joined the Demon Legion as a commander and lead the charges against the Human forces and amassed victory like cherries from a tree, all he had to do was reach further and further. In the times of the Eternal Conquest, he had many such opportunities. When he became a Demon Lord, he governed over half of the Eastern realms as the newly ordained Lord-General. During his iron-fisted rule, many rebellions were quelled in blood, and his reputation kept on worsening.   Despite actions that brought horrors even to his closest friends, Amon was the pride of his clan. His end came when a party of human heroes and a coalition of rebel states surrounded his forces and struck him down. After being "Captured" by the HUma, he spent eight months imprisonned before a sentence was announced for his war-crimes. His five captors were his executionners in a public execution that marked the end of the Conquest in the Eastern Realms.

Physical Description

General Physical Condition

As a Demon Lord, Amon was at the peak in term of physical abities.

Facial Features

Thick back-turned horns covering a large portion of the forehead and back of the ears. Long moustache and well-trimmed beard. Flat nose bridge, small nostrils. High positionned ears, small but stretched. Short thick neck.

Identifying Characteristics

Five scars around the left eye forming a shape like a deforemed star. Missing chunk of flesh over his right shoulder. Long birthmark on his left thigh. Countless small scars on his chest and legs.

Apparel & Accessories

Lord-General armor.

Personality Characteristics


"None of you realize how lucky you have been, multiplying like flies. Let this sacrifice be a lesson." Ar Amon condemning children to death in front of their parents.
  Serving the Empire was Amon's raison d'être, and implementing the Imperial way of life was his sworn duty. Born among the Ar Clan at the prime of its influence over the Verdant Steppes, Amon worked all his life following the codes his family believed in, . As Lord-General he was able to put into motion his wishes to maintain Imperial culture in the Eastern Realms by force, while the Lord-Astynomian of the time was busy. Some say his motivations created the rebellion in the hearts of men, as his ruthless ideals contrasted against Easternite culture.
Lawful Evil
Current Location
Previously Held Ranks & Titles
Date of Birth
88th of Winter
391 AS 468 AS 77 years old
Circumstances of Death
Publicly beheaded by the Human Hero; Vicerio Dentra. His corpse was put on display on the top of Sang-Fond's city walls.
Place of Death
Grey sclera, blackish-blue.
Short red hair, very short on the sides.
Skin Tone/Pigmentation
2.19 m
153 kg
Quotes & Catchphrases
"If it doesn't hurt, it might as well never have happened."
"Austerity is not upheld by pardons."
"RIghtful rule belongs to the honest, the strong, the unbiased."

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