Koso Mura

Second largest city in Naishou Province, located about 2 days' travel north of Toshi No Naishou. The city has an ever-growing rivalry with Toshi No Naishou and hopes to one day supplant it as the province capital.   Koso Mura is the strongest, indeed one of the only, bastions of Shinseism in Naishou Province. The city has 5 Taoist temples, 1 dedicated to each Element.   Unlike typical Rokugani cities, Koso Mura does not have cleanly delineated districts. Jimichi Keep commands the center of the city and is ringed by the finest homes and estates, occupied by samurai and wealthy peasants, along with a handful of businesses (inns, restaurants, tea houses, etc.) catering to these moneyed residents. As one proceeds outward, you encounter the plainer homes and shops of the city's skilled craftsmen and businesses catering to them. Koso Mura's famed Marketplace is located in this ring. Furthest out are the city's laborers and farmers and beyond that are the fields that feed the city. The Temple of Void is located close to Jimichi Keep while the other 4 temples are located within the craftsmen ring in the cardinal directions (Air - North; Fire - South; Water - West; Earth - East). Lastly, the city's eta village is located to the west, where the prevailing winds ensure that Koso Mura only very rarely has to smell it.   Unusual for Naishou Province, the citizens of Koso Mura hold no taboo against marrying across the region's tribal groups and, in fact, embrace it. This willingness to mix ancestry has produced strong bonds among the citizenry and has provided more tangible benefits to the city, as well. Raw materials from Morikawa Tribe and Yamataru Tribe villages are frequently sold cheaper in Koso Mura than in Toshi no Naishou.   Far from the Itochu River and Tsunegawa Lake, the city relies on a system of wells and capturing rainwater for its needs. Outside of town, the farmers make use of the many small streams to irrigate their fields.   Customs and superstitions in the city are also a mixture of those found in the Taru Mountains and the Kawa Forest
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