Moku Mura

Moku Mura is just one of dozens of villages that dot Naishou Province near Tsunegawa Lake. The village sprawls along the shore of the lake, near the Itochu River's source and has even begun occupying the large island that straddles the lake and the river's outflow. It started out as a fishing village, but the idyllic landscape, the pleasant weather, and the large flocks of birds that live in the area or migrate through have turned it into a samurai destination, as well.   The villagers, Takanobu Tribe descendants, recognized a good thing when they saw it and have taken steps to encourage more samurai visitors. Homes are painted in bright colors and the paths through the village are swept daily. Cherry trees have been planted along the shore and the birds are treated carefully, encouraging them to remain near the village.   There are 5 inns in Moku Mura, all catering to samurai, and all 5 have arrayed themselves so that every guest room has a view of the lake. An array of tea houses and restaurants have developed across a range of prices to maximize the village's draw.   All that really hinders serious growth here is Moku Mura's distance from Toshi No Naishou. Should Koso Mura's efforts to replace Toshi no Naishou as the provincial capital succeed, it would be great news for the villagers. Should that happen, there are plans to turn the island into a dedicated samurai district with gardens, tea houses, restaurants, and inns.

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