Ichinori Mura

All who live near or in the Kawa Forest know of the cursed village of Ichinori Mura. None of the inhabitants are able to leave it and anyone who spends even a single night there finds themselves unable to leave. The source of the curse is in some dispute, but the most common story is that an old man, a stranger, came to the village one evening, begging for shelter. One family after another refused him hospitality, however, for food and firewood were already in short supply in the poor settlement. The old man died of exposure that night, but not before cursing the villagers with his final words: "Since you value your village too much to help a stranger, you will never leave it again!"   No one is sure when the curse was laid down. The village, unlike much of the province, never had a strong tradition of literacy and since then, reading and writing of died out entirely among them, so records are nonexistent. Even the form of the curse is unknown these days, for no one from the village has tried to leave it in living memory and no visitor has dared tempt the truth of the curse by staying the night. The villagers' stories have a variety of gruesome ends, from a heart attack upon setting foot beyond the village's border, to being crushed by a falling tree in the forest, to being torn apart by wild animals.   The villagers are desperate for contact with the rest of Naishou Province. They are completely unaware of the old governor's passing and the recent strife and have little to no knowledge of the wider empire. Finished goods are few and far between and anyone who visits the village is begged to bring them clothes, tools, and even seeds.



Industry & Trade

Subsistence farming


Almost nonexistent


Old growth forest and rolling, rocky ground
Location under


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