Water Upon the Stones

The inn has been in operation for just 5 months now. Unusually, Water Upon the Stones is not owned by a peasant. The influential peasants and monks of the city came together and decided to build it as part of their effort to upstage and replace Toshi No Naishou. The former governor and Shiba Gaijitsu supported the idea and so the inn was built and the same peasants and monks responsible for its creation are also responsible for its management.   Water Upon the Stones is located a short distance from Jimichi Keep and caters to samurai, exclusively. Its name comes from its chef's method of steaming food by splashing water over very hot stones. With 30 guest rooms, it rivals for size, at least, the largest inns in Toshi No Naishou. It's a 2 story structure arrayed around a central courtyard garden.   The inn has a growing reputation for its rice cakes; they are known throughout the province. Some expect that reputation to expand beyond Naishou Province's borders soon enough. The chef, Otsu , has 2 Phoenix Clan bodyguards to protect him from any attempts at kidnapping or assassination. The citizens of Koso Mura believe such threats are real, putting little past the people of Toshi No Naishou.


Built entirely of materials native to Naishou Province and styled to show off those materials.
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