Settou Mura

Settou Mura is situated in the foothills of the Taru Mountains. It is the northernmost village of any note in Naishou Province and subsists on farming and a moderately productive quarry. The stone extracted from it is popular for jewelry and small, decorative statues within the province.   Rumors have persisted for centuries that somewhere beyond Settou Mura is a path through the Taru Mountains and into the gaijin lands beyond the borders of the empire. Whatever the truth of the rumor, historically the village has maintained their own squad of ashigaru with several runners, at least 2 of which are always on duty. Should the gaijin ever invade, the runners are to notify Koso Mura and Moku Mura at once. Depending on the weather and time of year, this is a grueling 1-2 day trip.   The village and the runners, especially, take this responsibility very seriously.

Industry & Trade

Farming and a stone quarry. The fields produce a little surplus, but the stone is the village's primary source for taxes and necessary goods.


Fields, a small quarry, a 'nice' house kept in case of a samurai visitor, and a few craftsmen.


A mix of the sturdy stone buildings common to villages of the Taru Mountains and the more common wooden structures in the rest of the province.
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