Sujuko Mura

The Sujuko Pass is the largest and least dangerous passes through the Taru Mountains. The village of Sujuko Mura is at the halfway point of the pass in narrow, steep-sided valley. The terrain shelters the inhabitants from the worst of the weather and provides good soil for farming. Most of the villagers are farmers or stonecutters, although a few families descended from the Takanobu Tribe operate businesses that cater to the travelers passing through.   Recently, with Koso Mura attempting to increase its influence, more residents and more money have come to the village. The majority of the residents, descended from the insular Yamataru Tribe, are unhappy with their village turning into a boom town. There hasn't been any violence yet, but it's only been narrowly averted on several occasions.


Most of the residents descend from the Yamataru Tribe with a small minority from the Takanobu Tribe

Industry & Trade

Terraced rice paddies feed the village and a stone quarry provides their chief export. As the halfway point through the pass, supplying travelers makes them a good income, too.


Three modest inns and a variety of shops cater to travelers. The Monastery of Stone is a few hours' hike outside of town.
Sujuko Mura
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