Shiba Gaijitsu

Gaijitsu Shiba

Gaijitsu was named governor of Koso Mura a few months after the last Phoenix governor of Naishou Province assumed the role. When that governor passed and several armies marched into the province, Gaijitsu made it clear to all that he would keep the peace and security of Koso Mura and would be devilishly difficult to eject from Jimichi Keep, but would leave the invading armies unmolested if they extended him the same courtesy. All 3 commanders saw the wisdom in that and so Koso Mura has been untouched since fighting began a few months ago.

Mental characteristics

Morality & Philosophy

Strongly Taoist

Personality Characteristics


Protect Koso Mura and ensure its prosperity. If possible, retain control of Naishou Province for the Phoenix Clan.

RPG Character sheet

Shiba Bushi 3 Status: 5.1 Glory: 2.4
Shiba Gaijitsu