Shizu Mura

An industrious village located several hours' walk within the Kawa Forest. The village's lumberjacks supply wood to much of Naishou Province. While there are several villages located on the edge of the forest, this is the only one within it.   The woods surrounding the village are ash, oak, and cedar intermingled with thick stands of bamboo. The bamboo even grows within the village itself. A small stream, just a few feet wide and never more than 1-2 feet deep, meanders through the center of the village. The inhabitants use it for drinking and washing and for growing rice and are zealous in keeping the stream clean and protected from waste.   Shizu Murans largely don't go outside after dark. They are certain that evil spirits roam the forest at night. The evening hours are used for work around the house, educating themselves and their children, or socializing with overnight visitors. Given their general refusal to go out after dark, a custom has developed of overnight visiting. Friends and sometimes entire families will spend the night at a neighbor's home to give folks time to unwind. This custom has produced even stronger bonds amongst these descendants of the Morikawa.   Another custom common to the village is the use of Protective Talismans. They celebrate many festivals and perform numerous rituals to appease the forest spirits. To some outsiders, the villagers appear to cross the line into venerating these spirits rather than just appeasing them. The Shizu Murans are also Fortunist like most of the province and celebrate the typical Fortunist rituals and festivals, too.


This is the largest settlement of Morikawa Tribe descendants in the province

Industry & Trade

Most of the village make their livings from the forest, via logging, carpentry, paper-making, or hunting. Those that don't are farmers or craftsmen. The village exports much of the timber used elsewhere in the province and hires out expert carpenters, as well.


The village grows enough rice for self-sufficiency, they have a proper sawmill and a shrine


The village is situated in and among the trees of the forest. Only the minimum amount of land has been cleared and the forest has been allowed to reclaim some of the space as the village has aged.
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Legends and Rituals
Legend of the Frog King
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