Oichi Mura

Oichi Mura would be a prosperous village on its own, with good farmland and skilled fishermen working the Itochu River, but within 3 days' travel are more than a dozen other small villages. All of the goods flowing from and to those villages flow through Oichi Mura. The village has a thriving marketplace and while none of its craftsmen are particularly noteworthy, they turn out perfectly acceptable goods. The village is also home to a Temple of Jizo and the temple's monks are a frequent site throughout the nearby countryside.   The recent squabbling between Toshi No Naishou and Koso Mura has led to unexpected, but welcome, growth in Oichi Mura. Many merchants in Toshi no Naishou will no longer do business with Koso Mura, so some of the villages that used to trade with the city via Koso Mura are now routing their business through Oichi Mura, instead. The village has begun planning to expand their docks, build a new warehouse, and add a new inn and teahouse.


The villagers are nearly all descended from the Takanobu Tribe

Industry & Trade

Most of the villagers are farmers or fishermen, there are a number of craftsmen and merchants, and the rest work the docks. Oichi Mura is the conduit through which dozens of nearby villages bring their goods to market.


Docks, a small warehouse, a modest inn, and a Temple of Jizo .
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