Botsu Mura

Never a large place, Botsu Mura has eked out a living in the Omikura Swamp since shortly after the First War Against Fu Leng. All of its structures are on stilts and there are elevated walkways between them, as well. Most of the villagers are descendants of the Takanobu Tribe while a small minority come from the Morikawa Tribe. Perhaps due to their isolation, the villagers see themselves as a community first and as Takanobu or Morikawa second. They are Fortunist like most of the people of Naishou Province and they maintain a fine shrine to the Fortunes here.   The villagers make a living from the swamp's bounty. They gig for fish and amphibians and supplement their diet with wild-growing swamp rice and fungi. From the swamp's tall reeds, they craft tatami mats, thick protective clothing, and shallow-draft fishing boats. They harvest plants found nowhere else in the province to trade for the other goods they need.   The headman is Hiroto . A fisherman when he was younger, Hiroto is now in his late 40's and has been the headman for little more than a year.


A gig isn't counted as a weapon by the samurai of Rokugan, but every adult in the village is capable of spearing a man with one, if necessary.

Industry & Trade

Fish and plants found nowhere else in the province are their exports to the rest of the valley. They manufacture shallow-draft boats, tatami mats, and protective clothing from the swamp's tall reeds.


The villages buildings are all built on stilts and elevated walkways connect them. They are clean and weatherproof, but nothing can keep out the damp of the Omikura Swamp. The villagers maintain a shrine and communal facilities for drying and curing fish and plants.
Botsu Mura
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