Session 2 Recap

General Summary

When last we left our honorable samurai, Junzo had delivered them to the gate of the Governor's Palace in Toshi No Naishou and bid them a good day.   The 2 Shiba bushi on duty were polite and attentive and the PCs were promptly escorted to Asako Izuna and Shiba Iaimiko. Shosuro Genjiro delivered the news of the emperor's decision to appoint Miya Ansho the acting-Governor and of Ansho-sama's imminent arrival in Naishou Province.   Asako Izuna took the news well and immediately put herself at the party's disposal. The immediate problem will be finding places for over 1,000 samurai and their associated servants to stay within the city. A survey conducted with Izuna's assistance revealed the following:  
  • The palace has 63 open guest rooms
  • The main barracks can hold 2 full companies, but currently holds 2 squadrons of Phoenix samurai
  • The 4 smaller barracks around the city can hold 1 squadron each, but currently hold 2 squadrons of Phoenix samurai between them
  • There are 160 unoccupied residences (out of 197) in the Samurai Quarter, counting houses and estates, both
  • There are 2 inns in the Samurai District that can house 24 samurai each
  • There are 4 inns in the Merchant District suitable for samurai that can hold 18 samurai each
  Izuna also revealed the timing of the previous governor's death, their dispatching of a series of messengers to Shiro Shiba, the lack of any response to their messengers, and the arrival of several armies in the province as well as their currently known dispositions. When questioned, Izuna checked the castle's records and determined that 2 Dragon, 1 Lion, 1 Mantis, 1 Crane, and 7 Phoenix samurai in the city at the time of Hiromoto's death. The Dragon, Lion, and Crane samurai were all in the city to pay their respects before retiring to monasteries, while the Mantis was engaged in commerce and the Phoenix were on clan business. Izuna was able to produce a manifest of what the Mantis bought and sold before departing the province.   Given their limited time remaining before their rendezvous with Miya Ansho at the southern border of the province, the group decided to split up on the morrow to increase their coverage. Kitsune Sou, Hida Haundo, Kitsune Yukika, and Kuni Taka were going to make for Sujuu Mura and try to find the Lion legion. Isawa Kazue and Shiba Daisuke would head for Koso Mura. Miya Iaimiko and Toku Masashi will head west and try to locate the Crane and Scorpion legions. Meanwhile, Shosuro Genjiro, Togashi Chiyoko, Asahina Junko, and Togashi Akemi will remain in Toshi no Naishou in case taisa Doji Ayumi received Genjiro's summons and chose to answer it. While waiting, they will explore the city further and work on the issue of housing so many more samurai.   As the hour was now late, Izuna inquired as to the group's overnight arrangements. The PCs hadn't made any yet, so Izuna offered them the use of the palace. Sou (with Yukika) and Takachose rooms dedicated to Benten. Kazue chose Fukurokujin. Genjiro and Masashi chose Hotei. Iaimiko chose Bishamon. Chiyoko chose Ebisu. Akemi chose Jurojin. Haundo chose a room dedicated to Hotei next to Taka's room. Junko chose the room dedicated to Bishamon next to Genjiro's room. And last but not least, Daisuke chose the room dedicated to Jurojin next to Kazue's room.   The next day, the 14th day of Hare, 1157, the traveling groups set off while Genjiro and Chiyoko split up to deliver Ansho's proclamation at several different points around the city.   The evening of the 14th, Kazue arrives in Koso Mura and meets with Shiba Gaijitsu, the city's governor. He is furious at the news the emperor has taken the province from the Phoenix Clan, but does not take it out on her. He offers her quarters in Jimichi Keep and she graciously accepts. Later, when she expresses interest in the city's Shinseist temples and other attractions, he offers to show them to her himself.   Sou's group have a hard, but not too difficult, ride and encounter a Lion patrol on the morning of the 15th, about an hour's ride from Sujuu Mura. The patrol accepts their purpose and escorts them to the town. The Lion legion has turned it into a fort. They've built a wooden palisade around the heart of the village and the closest farmhouses, with two gates and guard towers at the corners. Two taller watch towers are under construction within the walls and once through the main gate, the group can see that the legion has built barracks, a commissary, and other necessary facilities, too.   They're escorted to Matsu Tadanobu directly. Tadanobu accepts Ansho's proclamation, delivered by Sou, and offers the group accommodations if they're staying and provisions and fresh horses when Sou says they must be off. Their horses are still fresh, but the group does accept fresh provisions before departing. They decide to head for the border by skirting the edge of the Kawa Forest so that they can see more of the province.

Rewards Granted


Who Shall Rule?
Hida Haundo
Isawa Kazue
Shosuro Genjiro
Togashi Chiyoko
Kitsune Sou
Player Journals
Haundo reports to Miya Ansho by Hida Haundo
Session II - Assessing the situation by Shosuro Genjiro
Report Date
26 Mar 2018
Primary Location
Toshi No Naishou
Secondary Location
Koso Mura


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