Samurai Quarter

The district is surprisingly large, given Naishou Province's status as a relative backwater. Despite this, with the arrival of Miya Ansho and everyone looking to curry favor with him, the samurai quarter is now overcrowded. Jockeying for a larger or better-situated house could be a full-time occupation for many samurai here and just getting around the district can be a challenge. It is often quicker to walk to the river, take the steps carved into the modest granite cliffside, and flag down a water taxi to take you elsewhere in the district or down into another part of the city.


A chest high stone wall that is kept in good repair and a single gate mark the quarter's defenses. There are normally just 2 samurai guards at the gate.


The quarter contains temples to the Seven Fortunes and Thousand Fortunes, inns, tea houses, restaurants, and the Lonely Pearl geisha house.


The quarter is a mix of styles, reflecting its organic growth over the last thousand plus years. Parts of it are in disrepair while other parts are prospering.


The quarter is built on a rocky promontory on the east bank of the Itochu River and separates the Governor's Palace from the Merchant District.
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