Merchant District

The busiest market in the province, nearly all of the region's wealth flows through this district. Most of the city's entertainment, for samurai and peasants alike, is found here, as well. While the quality of the establishments is not equal to those in Samurai Quarter, many are still perfectly acceptable for samurai to patronize.   Two ports, referred to as the North Port and the South Port, are the primary conduits for goods and people flowing through the province. The North Port handles all traffic from within the province while the South Port handles all traffic entering or leaving the province. The dockworkers of the two ports have a rivalry that leads to frequent trouble. No one professes to know what started it, or even when in history it began, but when the workers are idle or the drink flows, the doshin of the merchant district have their hands full breaking up full on street fights and brawls.


Actors, artists, and the city's wealthy peasants tend to live here.


The district has been patrolled historically by several extended families of doshin who have been doing the job for hundreds of years.

Industry & Trade

All goods flowing in or out of Naishou Province move through this district.


Large, sturdy warehouses support the docks and the markets, roughly organized by type of good, sprawl throughout the district. Inns, tea houses, geisha houses, restaurants, gambling houses, theaters, and temples all can be found here.


The district is a mix of styles, owing to its age, but the buildings and infrastructure are almost uniformly well-made and well-maintained.
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