Hinin Village

Located on the west bank of the Itochu River and home to the eta and other hinin that make city life possible. The west bank of the river is muddy, unstable, and floods multiple times a year. It is widely believed to be cursed, although few people agree on the cause. Some attribute it to ghosts, others to a demon, still others to a wronged Fortune. All that can be agreed on is that every few years, one of the hinin disappears from the village without a trace. No samurai has ever given the hinin's fears enough credence to investigate the supposed curse or disappearances.



Industry & Trade

Tanners, undertakers, garbage collectors, and a lone family of torturers can be found here.


The roads are muddy messes; the huts are damp and dilapidated. A few sturdy buildings exist, primarily those used by the undertakers and tanners.
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