Dutiful Daughter

Named for the story of the dutiful daughter , this is the most popular Noh theater in Toshi No Naishou. Originally a small theater that operated only seasonally under the guidance of a retired Crane actor, over the centuries it has grown into a large, respected company that performs year-round. Unique among the Noh theaters in the city, the Dutiful Daughter allows heimin to attend at the same time as samurai (the 2 groups are segregated in the audience and have separate entrances to the theater, as well). The entry fee is modest, enabling even farmers to attend a performance with but a little saving.   Since its founding, the theater has been under the protection of the Crane Clan. This has remained true no matter which clan controlled the province or the city. The current master of the theater is Kakita Jottei, who inherited it from his father. Jottei is a talented actor and director and the city was eager to see what he would do with the position. Thus far, he has simply followed his father's schedule and shown little interest in innovating or even running the company. His younger sister, Kakita Amihiko, acts and helps run things, but is far more talented at ikebana.
Theatre / Concert hall
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