Three Winds Inn

The Three Winds Inn occupies a large, walled square in the Merchant District within sight of the gate to the Samurai Quarter. Its two-dozen rooms are spacious and richly appointed. Those on the second story of the inn have fine views of either the Samurai Quarter or the Merchant District. The courtyard at the building's center contains a small, but well-kept garden and pond. Stables for a dozen horses and a detached kitchen are located behind the main building, out of sight of the square's gate and entrance courtyard.   The inn has remained within the same family for more than 600 years. Over that time, a family tradition began whereby the patriarch and owner take the name Onshu. The current Onshu has been running the inn for about 20 years. The inn's staff are all a part of his extended family. He and his immediate family live on-site, while others live elsewhere in the Merchant District.   Surprisingly, Onshu employs no security. If asked, he says he trusts in his guests' honor and decorum to ensure peace despite the inn's diverse clientele. Thus far, his faith has been vindicated and there has never been a violent incident during his tenure as owner. Some attribute this peace to Onshu's specialty tea, Hotei's Favorite. He claims the tea is grown in only a single, small village in the Taru Mountains, which he refuses to name. The tea is incredibly soothing in scent and flavor and many swear by its relaxing properties. Should Onshu ever wish to sell the tea more broadly, there is a ready market in the province for it.


The building is renovated periodically, so does not reflect a particular age or period style, despite its overall age. Currently its wooden exteriors are painted white and the roof is tiled in slate.


The building has been an inn for at least the last 600 years. During that time, it has remained in a single family. The inn takes its name from the story of Tamon and the maiden. With Tamon's gentleness secured, the inhabitants of Naishou Province tend to focus their prayers on the Fortunes of the other three winds. Onshu takes great delight in telling the story of Tamon and the maiden to anyone who asks about the inn's name.
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