Main Barracks

The "main" barracks is indeed the only barracks in the Samurai Quarter of Toshi No Naishou. It is located halfway between the single gate into the Samurai Quarter and the gate of the Governor's Palace.   Unlike the Samurai Quarter and Governor's Palace, the wall around the barracks compound is 15 feet high and there are wooden guard towers built at the corners. The main gate is steel-reinforced wood as is the postern door.   The main building is the two-story bunkhouse. Even if the walls of the compound are breached, the bunkhouse is practically a small keep and easily defensible. At max capacity, which is comfortable for no one, it can house 2 full companies, 1 per floor. Each floor consists of 1 large bunkroom for the troops, 1 shared room for the company's gunsos, 1 shared room for the chui's staff, and 1 room for the chui.   There are stables enough for 20 horses, a commissary, a very small house for the garrison commander, and several reinforced storehouses.


Utilitarian stone. The outer wall of the compound is bleached white like the wall of the Samurai Quarter and the walls of the Governor's Palace.


Reminiscent of Crab military construction, but written history does not record who built this barracks or when.
Parent Location


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