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Names are also in the process of changing, so some names are inconsistent currently.

Summer Camp 2021

July Festivities

July and the festivities known as Summer Camp are once again upon us. 31 days of prompts await us so that at the end we may be greeted with shiny badges and worlds built, or at least part of them anyway.   Summer Camp is an amazing event where Anvilites have a chance to build their worlds through the completion of 31 prompts throughout the month of July. The only competition is with yourself, but shinies in the form of badges and raffles await many of those who participate.   This event is by far one of my favorites because I joined World Anvil on July 15 back in 2019. With 15 days to go, I managed a silver badge for Summer Camp 2019 and haven't stopped since. Summer Camp 2020 granted me a diamond badge and I have no plans of stopping during Summer Camp 2021 as I see my 2nd WAnniversary.  
Summer Camp Prep Month is always a busy month thanks to the homework that Janet and Dimi have started giving us to help with the big events, but this year, things are a little different with our primary world, Isekai. Starting in May 2021, Shiftrex and I decided to make some big changes, including removing D&D from our world and building our own RPG. This has come with a great deal of work, but hopefully, the framework will give us an easier time during Summer Camp.   My main goal this year is to use Summer Camp and the prompts to transition Isekai to our new lore, including using new names and more in-depth ideas on many parts of the world. This means that until I catch up with the big overhaul, some of the naming conventions used during camp will not match the rest of the world.

SC21 Pledge

My Summer Camp pledge is to go Diamond or Die without sacrificing my sanity, my characters, or any other part of my world.
SC21 Pledge
Generic article | Mar 1, 2023

RiverFang's Pledge Document for Summer Camp 2021!

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Copper Prompts

Summer Camp 2021 Copper Badge by World Anvil

Silver Prompts

Summer Camp 2021 Silver Badge by World Anvil

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14 Jun, 2021 22:41

I like how each prompt batch has its own color-coded box and the badge logo next to it. Some of the fonts are coming up a little strangely for me (it's almost a 'printing on a low ink cartridge' effect, if you know what I mean) but otherwise this looks great!

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14 Jun, 2021 22:49

The fonts thing seems to be a Firefox issue. Had someone else point it out as well, but unsure how exactly to fix it.   Thanks for the feedback!

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14 Jun, 2021 23:23

Aaaaa, you've formatted this so beautifully! I love the separate boxes next to their badges. I'm looking forward to seeing this all filled out! :D   (I thought the font thing was intentional. Also on Firefox here.)

Emy x   Etrea | Vazdimet
15 Jun, 2021 02:43

So much organization! I had barely gotten on World Anvil for WorldEmber and just completed the prompts as best I could. It is fun seeing all the ways that have been used to organize these events now that I know more people. I'm hoping to hit 31 too. Go team Diamond!

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Time Bender
16 Jun, 2021 18:11

This is a very nice looking article! I can't wait to see how everyone does this Summer Camp, and what everyone completes. Best of luck! :)

18 Jun, 2021 07:20

Wow. This is beautifully done. I love how you structured it all and wish you the best of luck for your pledge and for the huge workload you guys have taken on by restructuring and building your own RPG.

19 Jun, 2021 13:26

Wow! Very nice layout. I'm super impressed!

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28 Jun, 2021 04:52

I am absolutely in awe of this layout with all of the containers and the overall look of this article! All of the articles are just gorgeous! Love goals and setups of course and good luck with Summer Camp! :D

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13 Jul, 2021 19:50

That is one hell of an organization. It's really beautiful.

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1 Aug, 2021 10:00

Oh this is a very pretty looking overview page! Love the different colors for each section. :D

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