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SC21 Pledge

Prepping for July Festivities

Written by RiverFang

Summer Camp 2021 officially marks my 2nd WAnniversary and my third attempt at the rush for worldbuilding and badges galore. In 2019, I joined World Anvil halfway through Summer Camp and jumped in headfirst, and haven't stopped since. Since then, I've learned a few things and hope to use that knowledge to make this year's Summer Camp the best yet!  

Reflecting on the Past

A lot has changed in the last year, in real life and how I approach worldbuilding. I've faced odd levels of burnout mixed with problems in my daily life that have made my worldbuilding sporadic and not on the levels in terms of word count that it was in the past. That being said, I've learned how to cope a little better with things and to not push myself so hard in terms of finishing multiple prompts on the same day.   A lot of the strategies and things I discussed during WorldEmber 2020 and Summer Camp 2020 will still apply as I work through all of the prompts this year.    

Planning for This Year

The first SC Homework is making our pledge and planning for our success. Here are my plans for SC21.  

Project Isekai Anew

For those of you that have seen my May Update or the banner on Isekai currently, you'll know that Isekai has begun moving to a new period in the world's life. Summer Camp is a great opportunity to expand my worldbuilding and I plan on using it to expand into the new territories that come with our restructuring and the change in our lore.  


Vóreios is the Northern Continent of Isekai and where a large majority of our worldbuilding has been focused so far. I plan on continuing with that focus, looking at parts of the continent that have been ignored up until this point instead of building what we have needed for our games.  


After my headlong rush into Summer Camp in 2019 and my Diamond performance in 2020, I can't hope for anything less. I plan on reaching Diamond again this year, using any free time to write. As a college librarian, I tend to have a great deal of free time in the library during July and I hope to use that to my advantage.  


There are far too many people to name as a support network as I am a known lurker and sometimes poster on both the WA Discord and Reddit. I am extremely lucky to have people close to me in real life that are also participating in SC or using WA, including my husband and best friend, to serve as a support system and writing partners when we are able to get together.  
I pledge to go Diamond or Die during Summer Camp 2021 without sacrificing my sanity, my characters, or any other part of my world.
— RiverFang

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12 Jun, 2021 22:04

This is fantastic! I love your layout, and your reflection on the past. So awesome that you're planning to use this to move your world forward! Let's go Diamond!

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12 Jun, 2021 22:12

I'm so looking forward to seeing Isekai grow in its new direction during Summer Camp! You can do it (and Shiftrex too, if he's joining in)! Thanks for the shout out too! <3

Sage eccbooks
E. Christopher Clark
12 Jun, 2021 22:23

Thanks for shouting me out in the sidebar! And congrats on this excellent pledge! Can't wait to see what you come up with.

Sage SailingOcelot
Sailing Ocelot
13 Jun, 2021 16:15

Best of luck with your Diamond goals! I think it is wonderful that you have a clear idea on what you'd like to work on. I hope the prompts are ever helpful to you!

~~~~~~~~ SailingOcelot
16 Jun, 2021 18:14

Wonderful! I'm sure you'll get a diamond badge, but even if you don't, that's okay too. I hope everyone has an enjoyable Summer Camp this year!

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