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Isekai has started its grand restructuring! Please bear with us as things move around and get situated in their new home.
Names are also in the process of changing, so some names are inconsistent currently.

Summer Camp 2020

July Festivities

Summer Camp has once again descended upon the forge of World Anvil and that means time for So. Much. Writing! I've been waiting for this for months and am super excited to begin writing more in the world of Isekai.  


This Summer Camp will mark the 1-year WAnniversary of Isekai, so we hope to celebrate it with a bang! While I may be getting a slow start, I hope to finish all 33 prompts and add a ton of new information to Isekai. Hopefully, you'll follow this journey with me as we begin another year of Isekai on World Anvil!  

Summer Camp Prep


Geographic Location | Oct 1, 2022

This land is considered the birthplace of the Elder Races and the one that has seen the most in terms of advancement in both social structure and magical ability due to a long history of activity.

World Primer

An Introduction to Isekai
Generic article | Jan 9, 2023

No matter where or how you enter this world known as Isekai, you will find yourself on the edge of adventure, a single choice leading you forth into the mysteries and histories that were deeply changed by war.

Note: The scope and primer are from before Summer Camp, but I'm still working to make them better!

Summer Camp Prompts



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8 Jul, 2020 15:00

Yay! I love how this looks. If you like, DM me your article block on discord and I'll add this journal to mine. :)

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