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Third Son

Unwanted Children

An unwanted Silver Elf child, destined for either banishment or death, is born to a Matron Mother. From that moment on, his name is nothing more than Third Son, a name that will haunt him until he leaves this place, one way or another. But a title that was once a slur, a hate-filled name thrown at him in a fit of rage, will soon become the means for escape from the structured system kept by the noble families in a Silver Elf city. Soon, the title Third Son will become a profession, a liberating experience, even if it is illegal in his homeland.   For those that are unfortunate to be born the third son in some Silver Elf families, especially those born into power-hungry noble houses, there are few destinies that await them. Either they will be killed, as they are seen as a useless or unwanted child, or, if their family is merciful, they will be banished from Káto, labeled a traitor, and unable to return under penalty of death. Some of these sons take the name that they were so unceremoniously granted and forge a new destiny for themselves, often one as a houseless rogue, a traitor to what select facets of their society and culture stand for. For these select few, the name, Third Son, is a revolution.   These houseless sons often band together, becoming an underground organization like the Black Cloak of Eryndlyn, a group of nameless and faceless men that were unwanted, not only by their families, but by society. They have taken on the role of mercenaries, assassins for hire, and knowledge bringers, for the right price. What little law governs the Silver Elf cities calls these men and their profession illegal, but the Matron Mothers know that their dealings and their own covert and often illegal doings could not be done without the sons they had thrown away.


Social Status

Third Sons, by their definition of being unneeded, are often treated as lesser citizens in certain areas of Silver Elf culture, the same way that more monstrous races would be treated by the Silver Elves. Under the system of Matron Mothers, these men have no place in society and are often forced out by any means necessary. They are traded like livestock, banished, or killed depending on what the family believes is required to gain favor with various entities.


While the unfortunate case of Third Sons has been the reality of some areas of Silver Elf culture for millennia, it hasn't been until fairly recently that the idea of turning their circumstances into a profession arose. Since the beginning of the Eldritch War and the chaos that ensued, unwanted Third Sons have chosen a life of being houseless and a traitor over the other destinies that had awaited them in the past.   This idea has been spreading throughout Káto and has become more common in Silver Elf cities, but serving as a Third Son is considered illegal almost everywhere.
Alternative Names
Unwanted Sons
The legality of the Third Sons is somewhat twisted, as while their existence is illegal, it is not for just one specific reason. Being born the Third Son of a Silver Elf family has specific connotations in regards to worship and other logistics. From there, the question of legality becomes more twisted as Silver Elf society does not have the same clear laws that can be found on the surface.
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Jul 30, 2020 09:14 by Dr Emily Vair-Turnbull

This is so sad. :( Poor third sons. I'm glad that some take on the title as a name as a kind of rebellion.

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