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Black Cloak

Mercenaries of Eryndlyn

A society of matriarchs and houses, of names and status. Without those, one is unnecessary, a blemish on the streets of the city. In a Silver Elf city, a woman without a house is impossible, a man without a house is near blasphemy. Those without names, those without houses, those without the status necessary to survive in a hierarchy of conniving women nearly hell-bent on becoming powerful, on being recognized for their faith, those people find their way to the streets, to those that also are nameless and faceless, those that take on a new name and join the Black Cloak.   The underground of Káto is made up of faceless men, people who have had their names stripped from them by the women who no longer needed them. These men went against the basic ideas of the Silver Elf Society and found themselves with nearly nothing in a city run by huntresses. What they had left were their ideals, an outlook upon the world that came more from the light of the surface than the dark of their home. These men found solitude and camaraderie in those without names, making a new name for themselves with their deeds.   Few women ever make it to the Black Cloak. They are coveted as priestesses and other spellcasters by the Matron Mothers. Women who have lost their use in one house are quickly traded to another unless their blood is that of the Matron's. Those that are considered nobility rarely change hands, but sometimes in the fallout of a petty war between the mothers, a lone female may escape to the darkness of the Black Cloak.   While these people are rare, they have made a name for themselves in the city of Eryndlyn. They serve as mercenaries and knowledge bringers, conducting the work that most would ignore for fear of getting their hands sullied. Instead, the Matrons and others of the houses hire the faceless, those that roam in black cloaks with shadowed faces, to do the deeds none wish to do. It is an odd life for those who are in the Black Cloak. Their deeds border on illegal, but the high-class nature of crimes in the Silver Elf city often leave their petty exploits to be swept under the rug and ignored.


After being hidden and then eventually tossed from his family due to his status as a Third Son, Kalannar Dyrr became one of many unwanted men that roamed the streets of Eryndlyn in the shadows, hoping to stay out of the view of those that may see them as a blight and wish to rid the city of them. His training in fighting, politics, and other customary topics that were often saved for only the oldest male child in the more well-off noble families gave him a glimpse into how these houseless men could become of use to the city and women that had forsaken them while still retaining their autonomy. With this idea, the Black Cloak was born, an organization that allowed these houseless men, and eventually women, to have a place in a world that did not necessarily want them.

Under the cloak of night, a sword strikes true

Founding Date
1 EA
Secret, Military
Alternative Names
The Rebels
Training Level
Veterancy Level
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