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WE20 Plan for Success

December 2020

My Worldbuilding Space


Necessary Components

  • Computer Vibe. The lights in my computer are set to a slow rainbow to be calming.
  • Water Bottle. While it's not always a bottle of water, this is one of the most important things for long writing stretches.
  • Dual Monitors. I run my actual writing to the right monitor and use the left for Spotify/Discord/image creation/OneDrive/whatever I need at the time to world build.
  • Fidget Fish. This toy was 3D printed and has become a muse when I'm stuck. I play with the fish and ideas appear.
  • Rests. Writing gets hardcore sometimes so I always need various rests for my wrists, especially on painful days.
  • Blanket. With winter setting in, blankets are a must for warm worldbuilding.
  • Music. I always have music playing while writing. Check out my writing playlist in the sidebar and hit shuffle!
  This is what my desk is like most of the time, although I usually have 20+ tabs open on both monitors at any given point. If my writing is not done at home, I write at work, just with a must shorter list of necessities.  

Writing Speed

Word counts are necessary for a lot of things, but I hate to use them to keep track of my writing. For WorldEmber, I'm going to be more focused on turning out quality articles so my speed will be based upon length. I format as I write and do not believe an article to be completely done until I have formatted it, added tags and a cover, and finished changing a few settings. My writing speed is based on these ideas, but there are some numbers that I can easily estimate.   300-500 word article: Usually takes 30-40 minutes if that time is uninterrupted.
750-1500 word article: Usually takes 1-2 hours if that time is uninterrupted and I have the images prepped.
2000+ word articles: Could take 2 or more hours, but it really depends how prepared I am for that much and type of writing.

Schedule It!

Unfortunately, due to the nature of work currently, I can't make a hard schedule to follow for WorldEmber. I will be writing at home on afternoons off or at work when things are slow. If you want to follow my progress, check out my plans for writing and what I've completed in my pledge article.  
WorldEmber 2020
Generic article | Mar 1, 2023

WorldEmber is an amazing event that so many wonderful people in the community take part in. It is only a competition against ourselves, to reach the 10k word goal, to write and create for our worlds better than we have in the past.


Writing Playlist

This is a somewhat eclectic mix of what I listen to when I write. Be prepared for metal, rock, anime, and whatever else fits my fancy.  


During WorldEmber, you'll mostly find me lurking throughout the World Anvil discord, but you may find me in a few other places.  


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Nov 30, 2020 18:56 by Andrew Belenkiy aka Teyvill Dost

Using RGB as mood lighting is a great idea. I'm almost regretting I didn't buy Razer Nommo Chroma and went with a spartan version of the speakers xD

Dec 1, 2020 21:14 by Dr Emily Vair-Turnbull

Slow rainbow mood lighting sounds like the most amazing thing.   Good luck!

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