Isekai has started its grand restructuring! Please bear with us as things move around and get situated in their new home.
Names are also in the process of changing, so some names are inconsistent currently.

SC21 Organization

Prepping for July Festivities

Since the first of June, organization has become the bane of my existence and something I have worked on nearly every day. It's only fitting that Janet and Dimitris both saw organization as an important part of preparing for Summer Camp as messy or incomplete organization can take you away from your goals.  

World Reorganization

Because of some choices that Shiftrex and I made in May, I began the process of reorganizing Isekai to better suit our needs. That reorganization is a work in progress due to the number of articles (900+) and the number of categories (200+) that needed to move to better serve our vision.   Currently, you can view my plan for reorganization in the article below.    

Image Inspiration

It's hard to prep images without knowing exactly what the prompts will be, but Isekai does have a great number of images already established. The large geographical locations of Vóreios all have completed landscapes and there are a handful of completed character portraits as well.   For landscapes, I use Artbreeder, and for character portraits I use Portrait Workshop.    

Landscape Inspiration

Portrait Inspiration

  Isekai also has a fairly complete map of Vóreios where specific locations have been marked out. For now, this will be the map I am using until Project DEIOS is released.  

Vóreios Map

Vóreios is the Northern Continent of Isekai. Here, one can find temperate forests, large mountain ranges, the largest lake in the world, and a variety of other geography and races that can be found no where else.

Cover image: Summer Camp Cover by World Anvil


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20 Jun, 2021 16:54

I love the artbreeder images you've created. They're so beautiful <3

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wow, the article links in the sidebar are great, are they just block links?

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