WorldEmber Pledge

I hereby pledge to finish these articles during WorldEmber 2020.
— BasicDragon
  This WorldEmber I will be working on this world. The world of Idyll.      


The magic used in this world is important both to how the world works and to the story I'm currently writing ("Return Home" a NaNoWriMo2020 novel, am also plotting book 2-3 in the series). Which means that I have to have an article about it as soon as possible.   Mana , Something you need to be able to do magic (all inhabitants have mana)
Magic , This is the law of magic which governs how you can use your mana.
  • sub article Dragon Magic, this is magic that only dragons can use. It is also part of the origin of the worlds magic.
  • Conditions

    There are some conditions related to mana use.   Mana addiction, a common condition among those who partake of too much of external mana.
    Mana overdose, something that can happen to those who partake of too much of external mana.
    Mana underuse, those who never uses mana can get this condition.  


    There are a lot of species in this world, the most important to write about are those that will be in the stories that I am currently writing.   Others, these are mostly humans. But do not have to be. Others are those who are summoned to Idyll.
    Dragons !!!
    Elves These elves are very similar to the elves of Tolkien...but not really.
    Orcs ...see previous.
    Bugfolk their name is pretty self-explanatory.
    Beastfolk ...same as the above.  

    Houses & Orders

    These are kind of guilds...and kinda not. I need to write articles explaining them because they are important.   Houses
  • Possible sub-article “Important Houses”
  • Orders
  • Possible sub-article “Important Orders”
  • Pledgeless ...another important article...that I’m not sure how to categorize.  


    Places are also important, especially in my stories. So, here are the most important ones.   Carmine, The place where Carmine Wine is made and also where the main character in "Return Home" my NanoWriMo 2020 novel gets summoned to.
    Lysanthir’s House The main character spends around a week in this house at the beginning of "Return Home".
    The Weeping Willow This is where the two main characters meet for the first time.
    Ikimor, a small village between Carmine and Korda.
    Korda, this huge settlement is the end goal of the novel...well...
    The Krozs Ruins , this is some old ruins that used to be a large settlement close to Korda.
    Sanzaia's House, the lair of an ancient dragon.  


    These are important characters in the stories.   Lysanthir Major cast character in "Return home" first book in "The House of Adventurers" series.
    Kayla Same as the above
    Riku ...^
    Stella ...^
    Jace ...^
    Lhoris ...^
    Sanzaia Very minor character in "Return Home".
    Maelwen Main character in book 2 of "The House of Adventurers" series.
    Retzhel Main character in book 2 of "The House of Adventurers" series.  


    Items made for use with magic   Mana mortar, used to draw mana from the aether around a person.
    The summoner, used to summon people.
    Carmine door lock, locks used on special houses in Carmine village. Translation Stones, stones used to understand spoken language.  

    Roll for it

    I will try to aim for 50k words during WorldEmber. Because of that, I need even more articles to choose between, that's why I have gathered a bunch of less important articles I can write about when I either have finished the important ones or if I want a break from them.      
      I will be updating this table with more articles during November.



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