Carmine Wine

All food made out of the living, plants and animals, contain a small amount of Mana . However, I always feel even more invigorated after only a small glass of Carmine wine.
— A merchant in Korda
  Carmine Wine is produced in The Carmine Valley by the The Carmine Valley House in the settlement of Carmine.  


The wine is produced on grapes picked by the people of the settlement of Carmine from the vineyards around the settlement. Why the mana percentage in the wine appears to be higher than in regular wine is unknown outside of Carmine. Other Houses have tried to find out how the wine is made but the production of the wine is protected by high walls and rigors security at the gates. The grapes are not inside these walls and after examination by the other Houses, they are exactly the same as all other grapes in the region.  


The merchants from The Carmine Valley House transports the wine nightly during the fall to towns close to the valley. There they trade the wine for money and other wares that they then return with to Carmine. Which they then sell in the marketplace of the town.
Item type
Consumable, Magical


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11 Oct, 2020 17:48

Oooh, I would love to know what effect it has that the grapes/wine has more mana than regular wine. Is it used as fuel by mages, or maybe as a base for potions? What about cooking with it? :O   Short but sweet, and always a treat to read

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12 Oct, 2020 04:24

Everyone has a set size of mana, a mana pool if you will. If they cast enough spells that pool will become empty. If they use one more spell when their mana pool is empty they are using their life force to power the spell and they will most likely die from it. If they have a full mana pool and they drink something infused with mana they will become hyperactive and have a hard time sleeping. They will also feel on top of the world and be happy. If their pool is low and they drink the wine the mana pool will fill faster than usual. Mana pools usually fill naturally by just resting.   ...and it's not the grapes that have more mana than normal. Just the wine... they are doing something...that they shouldn't...according to some. XD (The beginning of my NaNo novel takes place in this settlement)   They do use what they are doing in more ways than just the wine, however, the wine is the only thing that they are selling because they don't want to be too obvious. The Wine being alcoholic they can just say; "Aren't you just drunk? You must be mistaken. Our wine is just that good." XD;

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