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Love has slipped from my reach, and it should stay there. Pain is beautiful, it sells more.
— Thean
Thean loves music. He's always wanted to become a musician or an actor when he grew up. His parents hoped that he would grow out of it. Instead, he ran away from home to become one.  


Thean was born to two somewhat wealthy people. His mother is a busybody that wants to know everything that happens in the village of Ikimor. She's the unofficial gossip queen. She works as an assistant to the Elder. His father is the owner of a merchant company. He has one younger sister and a younger brother. Thean doesn't really hang out with his siblings because they do not have the same interest, and growing up he has been busy with other people.   Thean has had one, or two partners while growing up but romance has never really been his thing. He wants to spend time doing the things that he enjoys doing. Like music.  


He has had a lot of acquaintances while growing up but his best friend has always been Maelwen. Right now he hasn't hung out with Maelwen for about two years since Thean ran away from his family to the city of Korda.  


Thean can read and write, his parents sent him to Korda when he was little to get educated. He knows how to sing and how to play a lot of instruments. He has loved music and acting since he saw a traveling troupe, Twilight Tones, when he was little.   Thean's parents wanted him to take over his father's company when he grew up so he has some education on the subject of running a company. When his father started to press him into getting ready to take over the company Thean proclaimed that he wanted to become a bard. His father didn't want to listen to that idea. Being a bard is not something that he can earn that much money on.  

Most important possession

A song that he and Mael came up with when they were young.
Year of Birth
1239 RO 20 Years old
House / Order
Music and acting
Music and several different instruments
Being forced to do something that he does not want to do, and salty food
Sexual orientation
Romantic orientation
Love Language


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