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Twilight Tones

Oh, I like their sound. A bit like a mix between classical and pop.
— August to Zamarca
  Twilight Tones is a troupe of bards that play music and sings at pubs, inns and in theaters. This troupe has traveled the world for the last 40 years. Trading out their members for new ones when old ones have decided to settle down. All members are still pledged to the Twilight Tone House. Meaning that this is the only House that has members all across the world.  


None of the current members were there in the beginning so there’s are no first-hand accounts of how the group was formed. But according to the person who has been in the group the longest the first four pledgeless members met at a pub in Korda. They had been quadruple booked. They played the set together and enjoyed it so much that they decided to join forces and play music together. The rest is history.  

The songs

One of their most popular songs tells the tale of The Haunted house located on the outskirts of Korda. They have an upbeat song about an adventure by a Voidling at the Voidling Races. One of the members do have a voidling that follows them around. A song that is more popular in villages outside of Korda (because the people of Korda have grown bored with it) is a song from the bottom of the world. The troupe has visited the place and returned alive. A couple of years ago.  

The Members

The current members of the group is Tisel, an orc from the village of Ikimor. He is currently the person who has been with the group the longest. The other three people are Alizarin a Dragons from Zarinth, and Esel an elf from The Sand Bowl.
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