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The Weeping Willow

We should visit the weeping willow again Zamarca...
This tree is located around a 20 minutes walk from the wall of the village of Carmine. It’s the oldest tree in the forest south of Carmine.   It’s long and plentiful branches stretches wide and long. There are so many of them and they are so long that people who camp next to its trunks are hidden from sight. From the trunk to the start of the thick foliage is about 2 meters which is ample space for a small camping spot.   Around where the trunk meets the ground there’s vegetation that hides a 60 centimeters in diameter small hole. On the other side of the 2 meters in diameter thick trunk is another hole. This is around 55 centimeters in diameter. These holes lead down into the ground. Into a small cave among the roots. Floor to ceiling is about 170 centimeters tall and the floor is about 3.8m2.   Beings of all kinds have used this cave to hide from monsters. For some reason, those who are hiding from something or someone are never found here. The destiny of many beings has been found here though.  

A myth

There is an oral myth from this region of the world that once, long ago, fairies lived in this forest. One of the fairies was in love with an elf. From afar she watched him fall in love with a female elf, have kids, grow old and die.   As a fairy, she would never die. When he died she cried a pond full of water. She would’ve cried a river but the animal creatures told her to move. They did not want a river in their forest. She walked the region with a heavy heart and tears in her eyes. She became weak because she never ate. She sat down and on the spot she died of sorrow grew a weeping willow.
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