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I wish that I hadn't been born a golden dragon...
— Azalin
Azalin is a very rare Golden Dragons that was born to a black and a white dragon. People say that he is beautiful, and he agrees with them. But he doesn't want people to believe that his beauty is everything there is to know about him.   Sometimes though, he wonders if his beauty is the only thing there is to him.  


Azalin's father, Azilya, works as an inventor for The Order of Monsterthorn and his mother works as a law keeper. Azalin have 7 siblings, 4 of them are his clutch mates while the other 2 are older.   Azalin has dated several people while growing up, but his relationships never lasted long. For a lot of reasons. The longest relationship he has had lasted half a year.  


Azalin has a lot of acquaintances and friends, but no close best friends. He enjoys hanging out with people but they also make him self-conscious and tired. This means that he will take breaks from hanging out with people sometimes. The people who know him the best are his siblings.  


Azalin can read and write, he has a lot of books that he enjoys reading when he rests from hanging out with people. He also writes a little bit himself. He wants to be out and about, discovering things. But there is no job that does that other than being a merchant and he does not want to sell things. Even though many think that he is perfect for it. He only has his general education because he does still not know what he wants to do after his Maturity Ceremony. His time is running out.  

Most important possession

A pencil that he bought at the market in The New Center Square when he was young. Because it reminds him of something that happened the same day at one of the bookstalls.
Year of Death
1240 RO
House / Order
Reading, writing, and hiking.
Books, flowers, gems, the sky, rain, and cold beverages
Sitting still for too long and closed spaces
Sexual orientation
Romantic orientation
Love Language
Acts of service


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