Ethnis 2019: A Year of Great Strides, Reviewed

Happy New Year Ethnis folks,   The sun has set on 2019 and 2020 rises on the horizon; and the Wheel continues to turn. We want to take a moment to remember 2019 and what made it special for Ethnis as well as take a peek into 2020 and lay out what we hope to accomplish!   2019 brought many statistical and personal achievements with Ethnis. Establishing Ethnis Lite and getting games played on it was one of the biggest achievements under our belts. Redoing many of the Sophont and reworking the Banners proved a huge success even if the information overload caused us a bit of burnout.   We networked with a lot of amazing people as well, with so many fantastic creators with us, there is no telling where we will go!   Yet despite all the fantastic successes, we learned some major lessons- such as getting eyes bigger than your stomach. We did that several times. For example, while we have almost completed Ethnis Lite, we still planned on having it done much sooner.   Ethnis Eats was another point of learning, especially for Barron. While he did not complete it himself, he is still happy with the experience of outlining and partly drafting a short story.   Overall, it has been an absolutely fantastic year for us, we've done great work, learned valuable lessons, and have made a ton of new friends on World Anvil and out of it. We look forward to seeing what 2020 will bring. We have big plans and we are very excited to have every single one of you here with us.   To the Future,
Ademal and Barron

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Yearly Roundup

Taken from Jan 2019 to Jan 2020
New Stats
  • 396 Articles
  • 267623 Words
  • Total Stats
  • 938 Articles
  • 604449 Words
  • Ethnis Lite is Born

    2019 brought Ethnis Lite from conception to play testing. The idea consisted of a narrative RPG system that could be applied to any setting. Developing, documenting, and refining the system has been a constant project of 2019 and stretches into 2020.   The development process helped Ademal and Barron refine what makes a game fun, simple to play, and easy to implement.   A big push during Summer Camp brought several other worlds into the Ethnis Lite family and it has been an amazing experience supporting other worlds in making their world playable.   Now that we push into 2020, we are continuing to refine and test, marching forward to a very exciting announcement coming early this year.   (You can check out Ethnis Lite here.)

    Stories to be Told

    Part of Ethnis Lite's implementation involved play testing, which we began by hosting a Play by Post Discord server. Several game came out of the effort, including games from Menicea, Ethnis, and Haven.  

    Ethnis Lite

    By Anna Elizabeth Boyett
    Sci-Fi Hopepunk, Genetics and Terraformation
    A solarpunk sci-fi setting in a future where humanity wises up about how we care for our world.
    What is Menicea
    Generic article | Aug 29, 2020
    By Matthieu A.
    High Fantasy, Wonder and Adventure
    A rich fantasy setting about a country in the midst of a time of renaissance and grand adventures.
    Introduction to Haven
    Generic article | Aug 28, 2020

    An introduction to the narrative focal point of Ravare.

    By Damion Otter
    Horror Fantasy, Zombies and Madness
    Where the dead cannot rest. Where brutality and cannibalism are the norm. Where madness lurks. Haven is hellish.
    Exercitum Imperatoria
    Organization | Dec 14, 2018

    The armoured fist of the Emperor

    By Kris Weavill
    Roman Gritty Fantasy
    A Romanesque world of Elves, Man, and Orcs embarking on an age of exploring Ultima Thule—beyond the known world.
    Introduction to Melior
    Generic article | Nov 8, 2020

    The elevator pitch, the TL;DR. An introduction to the setting that lures the curious and rewards the brave.

    19th Century High-Fantasy
    A fictional science fantasy world set in 19th century Bradstowe, capital city of The Isles of Orlend.
    Introduction to Lethea
    Generic article | Feb 26, 2020
    By Mihkel Rand
    Political High Fantasy
    Sprawling political Euro-Fantasy rife with dynasties, dragons and lovecraftian monsters.
    Generic article | Sep 15, 2020

    An introduction article to the world of Andrawyn

    By Susanne Lamprecht
    Dark Fantasy Magipunk Sword & Sorcery
    A world of song and magic stands on the precipice of abyss, rife with drama, sensuality, and mystery
    Intro to Perasmenos
    Generic article | Aug 14, 2019
    By DreamMaker
    High-Octane Dying Earth Drama
    In the ashes of civilization, the Proto Agon—Humans, Automa and Hollow—carve their living from its remains.
    Welcome to Fillimet
    Generic article | Aug 20, 2020

    START HERE: An Introduction to Fillimet, a bright high fantasy world full of hope and wonder.

    By Angela Biscup
    Bright Fantasy Exploration & Discovery
    Fillimet is a world of exploration and discovery, where unfamiliarity yields its secrets to reveal familiar experiences.
    —Coming soon is also The Magic Multiverse by Emperor Charles II.

    Top Works of 2019

    Fan Faves and Personal

    We had a lot of great articles in 2019! Some, such as the Aen, Parisan, Nasyk, were total rehauls. Others, Such as Rukta and Lillian Hesperides were made for Challenges.   Our best articles come right from our passions. Barron's love of writing about the Sazashi shines through in the Parisan and Nasyk articles, while Ademal's frustration with societal issues led to the broad popularity of The Final Rest of Sleepy Abigail.

    Beyond World Anvil


    Leigh Wright, curator of WYRD DAZE e-zine. Interviewed us! He is a pleasure to work with, and put together an excellent interview with us!   If you've ever wanted to know a little more about us, think the e-zine format is cool and the way of the future, or are just looking to get a little more of your Ethnis fix... check it out!  


    In case you somehow haven't heard, Project Deios is the new hotness in the mapmaking and worldbuilding community!   We've been hype over this for a long time, and now that it is out we're positively brimming with excitement. We have proudly backed it at the Platinum CL tier, which gives us license to use it commercially!  


    Both Summer Camp and World Ember were done in less than a day using the new streaming setup!   We planned massive single-day events, writing sprints that lasted a total of 12-13 hours. It was a ton of fun and massive success for Ethnis as a whole! We made a ton of friends, got to get a ton of writing done, and tested our resolve all at the same time!


    While we haven't wrote up an article for World Ember itself, we did a massive thirteen hour stream where we not only hit 12500 words a piece, but we smashed past the 600,000 words in Ethnis mark.   It was a great time, so great that we wrote an article commemorating the success. You can read what we wrote for World Ember 2019 here!

    Summer Camp Sponsorship

    We were very proud to be able to sponsor Summer Camp 2019. As part of sponsorship, we got to provide prizes and judge certain catagories for Summer Camp! It was an absolute blast and we'd love to do it again soon!   One very special part of the Sponsorship was the fact that we got to make a short 'spot' for Ethnis to be played during Streams. Over a coffee, Ademal and Barron began brainstorming and filmed all the shots in three hours. With some previous Sony Vegas experience, Barron went to work editting the video in two days.   The resulting video has sparked a couple of solid Memes such as Barron's "Oh hey there! Didn't see you come in!"

    Merch and Art

    Thanks to the fantastic support from our discord and the community at large, Ethnis was able to pick up new art! Concepts of both the Parisan and the Faeo helped us show off the uniqueness of our species as well as inspire us! (Barron totally cried when he saw the Parisan)   We also made the leap in starting our own merch store! Even though it is just the Wheel and the Parisan currently, we will no doubt expand in the future.  
    Antti Hakosaari Verin Faeo Body
    Haimarchy Faeoverin by Antti Hakosaari
    May2019 Antti Hakosaari Sazashi Parisan Full
    Sazashi Parisan Kona Helmshigh by Antti Hakosaari
    Actor Dramatist Clade Clandestine Sorrows Mask Cover
    The Young Dramatist by Ademal
    Hotel California Party Hedon Club Kismet Cover
    Livin' it up at Club Kismet by Ademal
    Swing Pill Drug Eye Tablet
    A Tablet of Swing by Ademal
    Affinity Cleaver Demons Somnolent Sword Magic
    This Machine Kills Sinners by Ademal
    A Posthumous Wave Farewell by Ademal
    Mantle Ethnis Light RPG Cover
    Nasyk Inline Full
    Nasyk Like High Places by Ademal
    Character Lillian Hesperides Gearheart
    Lillian Hesperides by Ademal
    Jupiter Syndicate Default Cover
    Jupiter Syndicate Default Cover by Ademal
    ValuSelu Pact Default Cover
    ValuSelu Pact Default Cover by Ademal
    Condition Status Tired Fatigue Stamina Cover
    Condition Status Damaged Health Cover
    Condition Status Sanity Insane Cover
    Ireheart Inline.png
    Yanta Holographic Lume Tattoo Full
    Yantra Holographic Lume Tattoo by Ademal
    Here's to a fantastic 2020 with all you fantastic folks!

    Support and Follow Us!

    We cherish every single person who supports us, even if it is just through conversation and being into Ethnis.   For those who want to chat with us, come join the discord or hit us up on Twitter! We always are active there, and love talking to folks!   If you have money to give, know that every cent we make on any platform is all saved up to go directly towards Ethnis Development!

    Support Ethnis
    Organization | Aug 11, 2020

    How you can help Ethnis grow! Share us with friends, give us feedback, and support us on social media and Patreon!


    Ethnis Lite

    Cover image: Hologram Wheel by Ademal


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