The Plight of the Ember of Worlds

A Record and Tribute to those who Survived the Ember of Worlds Thirteen Hour Event

The Plight of the Ember of Worlds is a series of documents that tell the tale of a stranded and plundered Pleasure Wayship. From the first incident on their flight path, the harrowing experience took a total of thirteen hours. In that time, survivors had to overcome perilous conditions, and marauding raiders taking whatever they could from the luxury vessel.   Of the one hundred passengers and crew, only a handful survived the events that befell the ship. Many of these survivors have had to undergo Auric treatments.
The Ember of Worlds was nothing but laughs, fun, drinks, and food. Then those ransacking bastards rammed us into a asteroid. Shit went south and it was nothing but death, dismay, survival, and drinks.   I never gave up the drinks.
— Oner'Iwein, Ember of Worlds Survivor.

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Incident Summary

Vessel Design
Rome-Class Pleasure Cruiser
Documentation Type
Streamed Video and Security Logs
90 Killed or Missing
Occurrence Sector
Syndicate Fringe Space
Responsible Party
Blood-Tail Raiders

Survivor Dossier

Oner Iwein
Bleakheart of the Sorrows

A fanatic of the Sorrows, Oner Iwein came aboard the Ember of Worlds to potentially recruit others into his growing Chapter of the House of Sorrows.   He survived by gathering a 'flock' and barricading a supply closet. He also ran supply missions for alcohol for his clique of survivors. Despite the trauma, he viewed the endeavor as a reason to celebrate, for he convinced many others to join Sorrows during the harrowing experience.

Manne-kyn of the Federation

A Federation envoy on the cruise to celebrate his accomplishments for the year, Dhelian came aboard to enjoy himself and be inspired by the Nebula. When the first asteroid struck, Dhelian took shelter with Hap'py in his quarters. They bonded over their pride in the Federation.   They fought against Blood-tail raiders for the last three hours until the Waysairs left to combat the Syndicate.

Happy Tor Perduro
Aen of the Federation

Happy came aboard the vessel with the idea of networking with the other guests and gain inspiration for a new project he was working on. Happy took shelter with fellow Perdurian, Dhelian.   Throughout the harrowing experience, Happy completed his personal project out of boredom, until the Raiders found their hiding spot, at which point he used a make-shift drone to distract the Blood-tails. He was discovered by his rescuers sleeping on his bed.

Hiserabi of the Federation

A well mannered and educated Hiserabi. Seol-Ar'r nicknamed "Cat" by her friends had boarded the pleasure cruiser to gain inspiration for her latest writing and spread the word of her writing exploits.   During the raid Seol-Ar'r barricaded herself in the ventilation of the viewing lounge, using the beauty of the Jadey Nebula to inspire her writing.

Mill Tor Ar'raman
Hiserabi of Hedon

Mill came aboard the Ember of Worlds to enjoy herself and celebrate the successes of the year like many other peers. As one of the few Hedonites aboard, she also took the time to try and convince some others to her Banner with promises of luxury beyond what even the Ember of Worlds could provide.   She survived the onslaught by locking her self in one of the many bar rooms aboard the vessel, enjoying the free drinks and avoiding the conflicts by slinking under the bar when they searched.

Parisan of Sorrows

The powerhouse of a Parisan B.D, joined the crew of the Ember of Worlds as a security officer. They saw the luxury wayship as a way to explore more of the galaxy, and they served admirably as security.   When the Raiders pillaged the ship, B.D patrolled the halls with her assigned security shield, bashing down any Blood-tail she found in a brutal hit-and-run fashion.

Riva Fang
Sauthei of the Haimarchy

A Young Haimarchy Verin who stowed away aboard the Ember of Worlds, they sought to learn more about the people who traveled on these pleasure cruisers.   They remained quiet during the raid hiding in the cargo hold and surviving the thirteen hours by scavenging the food shipments for the trip.

Sto-Ra'a M'bril
Hiserabi of the Pact

Another stowaway, who paid off a dockworker to be loaded with the toiletries. The used the vents to venture about the ship and enjoy the ride.   When the raid occurred, Sto-Ra'a survived by pilfering the cafes, and actually ran into Seol-Ar'r. The exchanged pleasantries over two bowls of ice cream, while hiding from a group of raiders. They parted ways soon after.

Aen of Hedon

A kind-hearted Hedonite, Quril earned his Pleasure Cruise ticket through his services as a Hotel California entertainer, organizing light shows and events. He boarded the ship as an entertainer, and even after the raids occurred continued to put on a show.   His automated shows distracted a group of the Blood-tails, allowing a few other survivors to flee the dance hall.

Blase Tor Pa'an
Parisan of the ValuSelu Pact

A strong minded forge-apprentice hailing for a Parisan smithing family in Valdutan. He joined as an engineer for the Ember of Worlds as his pilgrimage.   His skills with mechanics and metal-working allowed him to set up multiple choke points for the roaming warrior that was B.D. He returned to his family after being rescued.

Event Timeline

Departure Log
Syndicate Time - December 14th at 1100

The Ember of Worlds Pleasure Cruise leaves port from Victoriana City. Planned route into Syndicate Space using Back of Victoriana WayHall, a slingshot orbit around the Willow Celestial body would bring the cruiser through the scenic route of the Jadey Nebula.

Change of Flight Path
Syndicate Time - December 15th at 0900

Upon arrival to the Jadey Nebula, EoW Crew reported WayHall Traffic Control of anomalous space debris blocking their trajectory. World of Embers widened its arc of travel, leading it deeper into the Jadey Nebula and elongating its journey by four hours.

Full Stop Reported
Syndicate Time - December 15th at 1000

Wayhall Traffic Control reports a long period of zero movement from EoW, EoW Captain reports back that hazardous debris conditions have forced a full stop after a non-breaching collision with an asteroid.   Crew reports an approaching radar blip, but assume it is another asteroid. No emergency is declared.

Waysair Shuttles breach
Syndicate Time - December 15th at 1030

The approaching radar blip from before picks up immense speed as it approaches the craft. Before the crew can report to Wayhall Traffic Control, they are impacted by an asteroid towed by three shuttles owned by the Blood-tail raiders.   The impact ruptures the upper decks of the pleasure cruiser, sending many of the unprepared crew and passengers into vacuum.

Waysairs Take Control
Syndicate Time - December 15th at 1100

Blood-tail raiders board the pleasure cruiser and breach the Bridge within a minute of initial impact. The now hijacked Asteroid-Class Wayship is blocked on all communications frequency except for basic transponders to avoid Wayhall Traffic Controls suspicion.   Surviving Passengers and Crew are forced to hide, with any found by the Blood-tails captured, or killed.

Crew alerts WTC of Hijacking
Syndicate Time - December 15th at 1120

Captain of vessel is ordered to contact Wayhall Traffic Control and report no issues. At gunpoint, Captain reports the obstructions have moved and ship is continuing on journey. Captain during the communication changes the ships transponder to 7500.   Wayhall Traffic Control reports the potential hijacking to Victoriana security who scramble a small fleet to intercept.

Military Fleet Intercepts
Syndicate Time - December 15th at 2100

Despite the long flight time, the Waysairs are intercepted in the middle of plundering the ships luxuries and passengers by the security forces. Enraged, the leader of the Blood-tails broadcasts to the fleet the execution of the captain and the crew of the EoW.   The Syndicate fleet reports shots fired. The ensuing Wayship battle lasts less than fifteen minutes, costing the Blood-tails their vessels.

Search and Rescue Ends
Syndicate Time - December 15th at 2200

With the Blood-tail threat eliminated, Syndicate security boards and clears the Ember of Worlds. They recover only a handful of survivors and return them to Victoriana. The Ember of Worlds is towed back to Victoriana as evidence, and is soon scuttled for parts by the owning company.

Cover image: Space Battle by Tableatny


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