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Lawless Void

It has been days, running into weeks at this rate, Lohula. Every single time we think we've escaped those damn bastards track us down again. We gotta get somewhere where they won't follow us.
— Captain Theodore
The Lawless Void is a section of space beyond an isolated WayHall. The void is known to be home to some of the most ruthless criminal gangs that plague the galaxy. They survive off each other, their raids, and the husks of worlds long abandoned.   Many are seeking refuge, many have no where else to go, others are there just for the thrill, but everyone in the Void has a reason for being there.

A Space of Villany

Theodore, think about what yer sayin'! We go through to the Void and we are half-likely to be dust the moment we open comms the other side of that Wayhall.   Prison doesn't last forever, death does.
— First Mate Lohula
  The Lawless Void is a hive of scum to those who live outside the law. A place where the desperate cling to what freedom their criminal lives have left. Waysairs, murderers, breakers of consent, and other seedy characters rove the Void, planning their next Foray into the space of the Honest.   To those who live within the Void, it can be seen as a rendition of Heaven or Hell. There is no law except for strength and cunning above all us. There is total freedom to live as you can. There is a code in the Void, a simple Mantra that only those that survive speak.  
Your own above all else.

The Godfather

Any other rules come from the current defacto leader of the Lawless Void. The Godfather is the title for the most notorious and most powerful person in the Void. They typically rule from the Monument, a derelict Waystation now stacked with scrap.   Fights to take control of the Monument are constant and brutal, as the person who controls the Monument controls the Void.
Did you not see the fucking missiles they were pounding us with? They aren't going to take us to prison Lohula. We stop, they kill. We get into the Void, we survive.   We can hide for a bit, wait for the heat to die down, then we get back out there and do our thing okay? Please, trust me and set our course.
— Captain Theodore

Notable Locales

The Pink
A Quarantined World used by Hedon to test one of the first ever Ongleon. It is rumored to hold insurmountable wealth for those that can survive. Whether this is a cruel joke or not has yet to be proven.  
Circuit Cloud
A cloud of planetary debris that is home to some of the most dangerous racing scenes in Ethnis. A place to put ones ship on the line for the chance to make it big.  
As much of a Waystation as it is a slum-city in space that orbits the Pink. Consisting of an ever-growing and shifting geography of broken ships and scrap, this station is home to many of the Voids inhabitants.   There are few laws on this station, except to follow the rules of the current Godfather.  
The Lawless Maw
The nickname for the WayPoint, it is a fortified barricade manned by cut-throats and protectors alike. Many who are not recognized on entry are preyed upon.   Survivability often comes down to which ship sees a newcomer first or if the ship entering is fast or strong enough to outclass the predators.  
The Stink
A floating scrapyard, making use of the Pink's gravitational pull to store all mannerisms of plundered Wayship carcasses, and headed by a group of mechanics who are willing to buy and sell anything that can be priced.   It can be a treasure trove of strange and unique finds for those brave enough to traverse it.

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