Krakian Commonwealth

Krakian Commonwealth is a human country in the South-East of Atamor on the western shore of the Long Bay.


Krakia is one of the first regions Humans appeared in the Age of Susanne. They settled on the site of the present day city of Krakgorod and established a farming community. As most regions Krakia was in a period of peace and prosperity during the Age of Susanne.

Imperial Rule

In the times of the Empire of Atamor Krakia was the main producer of food on the continent. Local nobles made fortunes on selling the grain to cities all over the empire.

Founding of the Commonwealth

After Irenaeus' rebellion Krakia fell into a disarray with nobles fighting for power. In the year 10 Church a meeting of nobles were called to Krakgorod. It was the so-called Summit of 4 Dukes, because 4 most powerful Dukes in Krakia were leading the meeting. The rules of the elective monarchy were established during that meeting.

Krakian-Lugian Border War

In 500 Church the Lugian Army crossed the Lugian-Krakian bordered and attacked the local Krakian garrissons. The attack took place for two reasons. The first was access to resource in the mountains and the second was to bring the local Lugian communities into the kingdom. The war lasted for 5 years. It ended unresolved with Lugians moving back to their territory.

Foreign Relations

Krakian Commonwealth is currently in good relations with other countries. However, it hasn't been always like that. In 500 Church, Krakia was in a war with Lugia caused by a dispute about the ownership of the resources in the mountains on the Krakian-Lugian border.

Krakian Commonwealth has an official trade agreement with the Republic of Truso and imports iron from there.


Krakian Commonwealth is an elective monarchy. The king is chosen by the nobility from among themself. Members of foreign noble families and ruling dynasties are also allowed to present their candidacy to the assembly of nobles.


Every 4 years nobles from every region of the commonwealth choose 3 represtantives who go to Krakgorod to be in the parliament. Parliament's role is to assist the king and pass new laws. One parliament usually lasts for about a year. Between parliaments the king can pass edicts, but can't pass any important laws such as taxes, war, peace and army. In case of an emergency the king can summon the parliament to pass the laws which are needed.

Demography and Population

The whole population of the commonwealth is human and the majority of it is Krakian. Some Lugian communitiesa are present in the north near the border with the Kingdom of Lugia.

Lady Susanne, Honour, Motherland

Founding Date
10 Church
Geopolitical, Kingdom
Alternative Names
Krakian Kingdom, Kingdom of Krakia
Predecessor Organization
Leader Title
Government System
Monarchy, Elective
Power Structure
Feudal state
Official State Religion
Controlled Territories
Neighboring Nations
Notable Members
Related Ethnicities

Peace, Trade Agreement

Peace, Trade Agreement

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