Robert Massal

Duke Robert Janowicz Massal

Robert Massal is the current head of House Massal and Warden of Southern Krakia.

Physical Description

General Physical Condition

Robert is in a good physical condition. However, it doesn't mean that he has no problems. He isn't very agile and can't dodge arrows or other missiles as effectivelly as many other people. Because of that Robert prefers not to fight in battles and when he has to he prefers to command from a distance.

Facial Features

Robert has a medium length dark brown beard. Though most of House Massal cut their beards, Robert doesn't. He claims that without a beard he looks a 5 year old child and nobody would take him seriously.

Mental characteristics

Personal history

Robert was born the year 1270 Church as the only son of Duke Jan Massal. Robert's father died of natural causes a few years ago leaving to his son the titles of Duke, Warden and Head of the House. At that time Robert was already married to Richeza, a daughter of a noble from the city of Drenzig. It was entirely a political marriage aimed at decreasing tensions between Massalta and Drenzig. It is still too early to see any effects of that.


Robert recieved the standard education of a noble son. He was taught sword fighting, court etiquette, managing the domain and horse riding.


Family Ties

Robert has a wife named Richeza. Their marriage is purely political and currently nobody thinks that love will ever be present in this family. Robert and Richeza have two children, son and daughter, who are twins.

Religious Views

Robert is a Susannite who actively practices his religion. As most Krakians he doesn't see anything wrong with lack of gender equality in the Commonwealth.


Hanna "Jan" Massal

Daughter (Important)

Towards Robert Massal



Robert Massal

Father (Trivial)

Towards Hanna "Jan" Massal



Mieszko Massal

Son (Vital)

Towards Robert Massal



Robert Massal

Father (Vital)

Towards Mieszko Massal



Current Location
Honorary & Occupational Titles
Duke of Massalta
Warden of Southern Krakia
Year of Birth
1270 50 Years old
Massatla Castle
Current Residence
Massatla Castle
Biological Sex
Short, brown
Skin Tone/Pigmentation
Aligned Organization
Other Affiliations
Related Plots

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