Warden was rank used by the Empire of Atamor. Wardens were the administrators of imperial provinces responisble for maintaining order and executing imperial law.

Rank of Warden was, and still is in the Krakian Commonwealth, hereditary. In most cases the rank was given to a noble by the first Emperor of Atamor and it stayed in the families forever. Current Krakian Wardens belong to the same families as their imperial predecessors.


  • Collecting taxes
  • Commanding the local military
  • Being the highest judge in the region
  • Executing the laws of the liege
  • Assisting the liege in war
Nobility, Hereditary
Active in Krakian Commonwealth, most other countries abandoned the title
Form of Address
Warden, Sir
Equates to
Lord, Governor
Length of Term
Related Organizations

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