Jan Massal

Duke Jan Mieszkowicz Massal

Jan Massal was the leader of House Massal in the time of the Summit of 4 Dukes.

Physical Description

General Physical Condition

Jan is said to have been in a good physical condition. According to journals of the members of his court Jan was able to ride a horse for a few hours, fight in a duel and then attend a feast. The next day he was fresh and relaxed. His secret has never been revealed. Some speculated that he was secretly a mage, while others that it was just a result of a healthy lifestyle.

Specialized Equipment

Jan was a master sword fighter. His father made sure of that. During his teenage years Jan was being trained by the finest swordsman in the whole Empire of Atamor, Sebastiano Bianchi.

Mental characteristics

Personal history

Jan was born in 965 Darkness in Massalta, the seat of House Massal, as the only son of the Duke of Massalta, Mieszko Massal. Jan had two sisters.

Jan took over as the head of the family after his father's death in 985 Darkness. With it, he inherited the position of the Warden of Southern Krakia. Wardens were the regional administrators in the Empire of Atamor. Their duty was maintain order and execute the imperial law in the regions. When Irenaeus' rebellion started Jan remained loyal to the empire and did his duty as the Warden. After the Battle at Golden Fields the empire fell into disarray with regional nobles fighting for dominance in their regions. Jan attempted to stabilize the situation in Krakia, but failed. Wardens of Western, Eastern and Northern Krakia were his biggest opponents. In their view the 4 Krakian Wardens were equal and had the same right to rule the whole of Krakia.

Battle of 4 Dukes

When the empire fell Jan gathered his forces and went to Krakgorod, the symbolic capital of whole Krakia. When he arrived the Warden of Eastern Krakia was already there with his forces and they were quickly joined by the Northern and Western Wardens. The battle which began then is known as the battle of 4 dukes. The battle is considered unresolved. The Warden of Eastern Krakia was killed and his son ordered a retreat. Other Wardens were locked in a stalemate and decided to disengage.

Throughout the first decade of the Age of Church the Wardens were fighting with each other. It was a fight of everyone against everyone. Each Warden wanted to take control of the whole Krakia.

In the year 10 Church the Wardens came to the conclusion they would come nowhere through fighting and decided to meet. Krakgorod was chosen as the meeting place. The meeting became known as the Summit of 4 Dukes. It brought an end to the fighting and marked the beginning of the Krakian Commonwealth.

Jan died of illness in the year 20 Church.


Jan recieved the standard education of a noble son in the Empire of Atamor. He was taught court etiquette, art, sword fighting, managing the domain and horse riding. Additonally, when he was 20 years old Jan went to Krakgorod and studied at the university.

Accomplishments & Achievements

Jan's biggest accomplishment in life was organizing and participating in the Summit of 4 Dukes and seeing it end in success. Jan was also one of the authors of the Krakian Constitution.


Family Ties

Jan married a noblewoman from Southern Krakia and had 2 children with her, a son and a daughter. His sisters were married to noblemen from other regions of Krakia.

Religious Views

Jan was raised as a follower of the The Fallen and remained such until his death. However, he encouraged his children to be Susannites, because he understood that it was the religion of the future.
965 Darkness - 20 Church
Honorary & Occupational Titles
Duke of Massalta
Warden of Southern Krakia
55 years
Circumstances of Death
Biological Sex
Skin Tone/Pigmentation
Aligned Organization

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