Krakia is our home. We have lived here for generations. We won't let anybody take it from us.
— King of Krakia encouraging the citizens to fight against the Lugians


From Tobra to Long Bay, from the sea to the Great Mountains. This is Krakia, our home
— Krakian Chronicle
Krakia is a plain stretching from the feet of the Great Mountains to the sea. In the east it is limited by the coast of the Long Bay and to the west by the river Tobra.

Fauna & Flora

Krakia is a region of grasslands and forests. In the forests grow mostly deciduous. Coniferous forests are present only in the northern parts of the region. Most common wild animals in Krakia are deer, roe deer, moose, foxes and boars. In the northern parts bears and wolves are present too.

Natural Resources

The main resources of Krakia are the agricultural products such as cereals, plants and animal products. Some people consider the part of the Great Mountains belonging to the Commonwealth as part of Krakia and add the metal ores present there to the list.
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Krakian Plain
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